Top 5 Trekking places in Manali 

Manali Trek

Manali Solang valley is 8400 feet above sea level. In order to reach this place, you must start the trek from Khosla village. Then the trek takes you to a village called Chichoka and then to the Nature Park of Manali. When you are here in the nature park do not forget to look up for the beautiful tree cover! But from Rocky’s Cafe the actual trail begins. From here you rapidly gain altitude as you move from the huge rock boulders along the narrow trail. From the meadows of the trail you can also find the peak called Mt Friendship. While on the trek you will experience beautiful mildly hard snow. In the midst of the trail you will also find many frozen waterfalls and mountains. Now this beautiful trail will go to the beautiful villages called Majach and Palchan and from there finally to the Solang valley. 

Triund and Indrahar Pass Trek 

Indrahar is a part of Dhauladhar range of Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh located at an altitude of about 4300 meters. It is certainly near to Dharamshala, which is a tourist town of Himachal Pradesh. Indrahar trek is a 4-day trek and the journey starts at Dharamshala. From Dharamshala you need to move on the road to McLeodganj, which is at an altitude of 2000 meters. The trek to Indrahar Pass is at moderate to difficult level considering its steepness and path. The trail starts at Gallumatha temple passing through the places like Triund, Snowline, Laka, and Lahesh Caves, which finally lead you to Indrahar Pass. So, only after a long trek you will be reaching Indrahar Pass that is covered entirely by fog and snow even in the afternoon. Hence, you surely feel the worthiness of the trek and the hard journey of it after experiencing the Pass. 

Hampta Pass Trek 

Hampta Pass trek is a crossover trek where the scenery keeps changing as you gain your altitude. The changing vegetation is because it starts from the lush greenery of Kullu region and ends in Spiti Valley which is a high altitude region covered with snow all over. The trek to Hampta Pass is a 5 day long trek with a total trekking distance of about 26 kilometers. The best time to visit is during June to September.

The trek starts at Manali and crosses over the coldest campsite of Siaguru and ends at Chatru, which is an arid cold desert. This trek gives you the opportunity to trek right next to the arrow streams and once you reach the snowline it’s a steep ascent directly to the Pass. Stream crossing through icy cold water is one of the most challenging and thrilling experiences that you get to have in Hampta Pass. 

Bhrigu lake Trek

This trek can be for 4 days of which you can have a camping trip and also a stay in a hotel. Bhrigu lake, which is 4500 meters above sea level, is 25 kilometers away from Gulaba from where the trek starts. From Gulaba a 10 kilometers trek takes you towards Rola kholi, which is the first campsite. Do take enough water as there might not be any water sources in the middle. From here the trek heads to Bhrigu lake which is 10 kilometers away but now it is a steep one. The views from Bhrigu village would be amazing especially just after the monsoon. And from the Lake you can see the beautiful scenes of Manali city.

Malana Village Trek

Malana Village is considered as one of the oldest villages that follows democracy in the world, which is located in Himachal Pradesh. One can reach Malana from Jari Village and then it can take you to Nalang. From Nalang it takes around 4-5 kilometers to reach Malana. Then this 4 kilometers trek will finally connect you to the Malana village. It is often said that they are the descendents of Alexander, the great. And they believe themselves to be superior to the whole world and they do not allow anyone to touch their temples or their homes.

It is a completely solitude place from mainstream society and for some time now even Kullu people were unaware of this village. But now it has become popular for many things like Malana Cream, which is used as Hashish by locals and tourists. Many houses here are constructed with wood and they store a lot of wood for winters. So do pay the visit to Malana Village and enjoy its solitude but also be careful with the place.

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