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Want To Make Realistic Money on eBay? Learn Best Selling Items on eBay

Top 5 Best Selling Items on eBay

Are you new to the eBay marketplace and are not aware of the product policies and guidelines? Then you have landed at the right place. If you are new to the eBay marketplace then you might be wondering “items to sell on eBay” or “best selling items on eBay”. This blog will discuss all of these points along with the benefits of selling on eBay.

According to the data for the second quarter of 2021, eBay has approximately 159 million active buyers worldwide. Here are some of the reasons why eBay is an ideal choice to grow your business online:

#1. Effortless signup

  • The foremost thing that sellers or vendors look out for is whether the platform has an easy signup process or not. Complicated procedures often end up sellers in a situation wherein they might not be able to create an account on their own and somehow drop the idea of doing so. 
  • However, eBay requires an email ID and asks a few simple questions related to your business. In a couple of minutes, your account will be created. Further, the ebay product listing process is smooth and takes very little time to settle things down.

#2. Minimal selling fees

One of the advantages of items to sell on eBay is that it charges very few fees. As compared to other marketplaces, eBay has minimal selling fees which are approximately 10%-13% at max.

#3. Gives fair chance to all sellers

Other premium marketplaces are a hub of competition, wherein sellers are constantly challenged by the marketplace itself. You won’t face such a scenario on eBay. As being a third-party marketplace, they do not interfere in your selling space by launching their own products. It increases the scope of profit for sellers and provides a fair chance for everyone to showcase their products.

#4. Auctioning boosts major income

  • eBay offers a variety of seller-friendly features and one of them is auction-style listing. Through this, sellers can generate higher revenues which are not possible by selling fixed-price listing products.
  • When you sell products through the auction-style listing, eBay will give you the freedom of setting the product price. Not only can you set the price, but you also need to put a 30% increased price than the actual price for the product.

#5. Get instant payment

eBay payment policy is very much sorted. Being a seller, you do not have to wait for your payments for days. The payment process is instant, quick, and hassle-free. Although, if you are new to the marketplace, then it might take a few days to release payment once you are recognized as a firm seller then payments will never be delayed.

#6. Provides seamless shipping assistance

Finding a hard time shipping your products? eBay’s global shipping program will resolve all your issues. All you have to do is send the product to eBay’s central shipping location and they will deliver it to your buyers.

Top 5 Best Selling Items on eBay

As a seller, you should be aware of what is trending in the eBay marketplace. Here is the list of most sold items on eBay :

  1. Mobile Phones & Accessories

Mobile phones and accessories are the most sold items on eBay. Recent data reveals that the market size of mobile accessories will experience a growth of 60.42 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

The demand for mobile phones has grown due to their convenience, every activity is done online- online classes, bank transactions, shopping, social media, and much more. Smartphones have become a necessity and so does the phone accessory demands have risen and is one of the best things to sell on eBay.

Pro-tip: If you are a mobile phone seller or planning to start a business around it, then make sure not to manipulate customers by posting extraordinary product pictures. Even if you are selling used products, upload the real images otherwise your brand reputation may drown.

  1. Video Games

Video games have always been one of the best things to sell on eBay and are highly preferred entertainment sources for kids, adults, and even for older people. Data shows that the video gaming market is forecasted to hold a net worth of 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

The consumption of video games has grown with pandemic and social distancing. You can sell a wide range of video games on eBay under various categories, among which the eBay best sellers are vintage or used video games.

  1. Skincare Products

With influencers promoting different skincare brands and products, the skincare market has entirely taken over the crowd. From medium to high-end products, there’s a lot to choose from as people are getting more concerned about their skin and beauty. Just like any other marketplace, eBay also has a defined category for the skincare range, and the most sold items are men’s fragrances, cosmetics, anti-aging products, and hair care products.

  1. Home Decor & Gardening Equipment 

  • With changing lifestyles and more time being spent at home, people are looking for ways to renovate their interiors by adding more home decor, growing more plants, refreshing their kitchen and other corners of their house. 
  • As per recent research, the global value for garden equipment and supply will reach approximately 130 billion U.S. dollars in 2024.
  • The best selling items on eBay under this category are tools & workshop equipment, water filters, kitchen, and dining products.
  1. Computers & Tablets

Computers and tablets are next to essentials with more and more jobs online. As a seller, you can leverage this opportunity to sell new as well as used laptops on eBay at an affordable price. Discounts and deals always grab customer attention, so you have to always keep a tab on what your competitor is offering in terms of price. It can be through Price Monitoring.  

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If you are new to eBay but do not know the marketplace in and out, then selling can become very challenging for you. In this blog, we have discussed the most sold items on eBay along with the benefits of selling on eBay. But in order to efficiently run a store, you must opt for professionals help , so that you do not miss out on any tiny detail that can hamper your business.


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