Know the Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends that will continue to rise in 2022

Well, in a world where the pace of marketing is rapidly and constantly on the verge of continuous and upgraded growth. If you are someone waiting to become one of the most skilled, knowledgable, and experienced T‑shaped marketers who wants to manage entire marketing departments. Then you should know that running after the latest digital marketing trends is just not enough. It may offer you short-term outcomes, but it won’t necessarily become a supporter for those of your effective long-term marketing strategies.

While on the lookout for a productive way to make some effective long-term marketing arrangements. It’s probably best to look for some solid rock bottom foundations. You can go for adopting some of the previously successful tactics and strategies that may have brought your higher return on investment for your old marketing campaigns. Mostly because to generate a sequence of good marketing results, your marketing plans should thrive on iterations.

Also, the more valuable time you spare for the repeated success of your marketing objectives, the more profit they will likely deliver you in the long run. Have a look at the following top 8 digital marketing fads that will take you through detailed insights on how exactly marketing is going to advance in 2022 and beyond.

1- User intent or audience intent is king

For those of you wondering what’s the exact purpose of a search, then you should first know what is search intent. Well, search intent is something that’s responsible for an online search made by a user. When someone has a query, then they conduct a specific search that contains the answer to all their unsolved questions. Any kind of information the user tries to find on Google, it understands its meaning by reading the search intent. Depending on the type of query, be it an informational intent query, a transactional query Google ranks guides the highest or the nearest e-commerce website, a user is trying to locate, thus optimizing for humans most efficiently.

No matter how many other recognized trends there might be in SEO, search intent still remains at the top. That’s why it suggest to focus your content keeping in mind the value of search intent. Consider visiting the SERPs for specific queries and identify the content type, format, and angle. This way you will easily know how Google recommended different types of content to its users for specific search queries.

2- Word of Mouth Marketing- Yes still a popular trend

Many of you might be aware of the fact how word of mouth marketing has successfully impacted many brands’ success. But it has also helped brands strategically convert their potential prospects into customers. Not only this invisible force has helped influence the purchasing decisions of many customers but it has also made customers trust recommendations from friends and family. While wondering where WOM is frequently observe nowadays. Sharing content and conversing on social media is the best example. Customers post their feedbacks, happy reviews, and unboxing videos on Instagram. This is also another main example of User-generated content about brands that quickly spread through word of mouth. Since influencer marketing is slowly gaining momentum, you can consider it to be working on the same mechanics as WOM. As people are more likely to trust products used by users coming from the same background as theirs.

After completion of a creating a great product or service, try to find ways of how you want your customers to express their likings towards your product. So it further reaches more potential customers through Word of mouth. Ask them to follow some of your marketing tactics. These tactics are sharing positive testimonials and engaging product reviews in the form of videos on social media.

3- The performance of digital advertising will be impacted by privacy factors

Well since third-party cookies are generally used for tracking how many visitors came to your website and showing retargeting ads. Safari and Firefox browsers believe to block them in advance by default. Google also agreed to stop supporting them in 2023. IOS 14, Apple is asking for its users to give a voluntary opt-in for the Identification for Advertisers (IDFA). Also, if you don’t give the required permission to companies to track your visits on sites such as Facebook by not accepting cookies. Then you can rest assured that you won’t be tracked across apps and websites.

An increased number of products are built today keeping privacy and security in mind and around 41% of internet users are convinced for using ad blockers worldwide. Thus they won’t have to worry any longer about their privacy concerns while browsing the web. But marketers will then face trouble reaching their potential customers and assigning them ad attribution. As a result of which they will be left with fewer advertising options. If you are still not able to believe that digital advertising continues to affect despite the “cookie apocalypse.” Hence being a struggling brand wondering how can you possibly use online advertising after 2023. You can always go for omnichannel marketing and look for ways to get minimum paid traffic.

4- Omnichannel marketing is essential

The different channels companies interact with customers or prospects are usually put together to offer them a consistent brand experience. Commerce websites usually benefit from this digital marketing trends. Also, the purchase rate of single-channel campaigns is usually lower than those of omnichannel campaigns. All customers care about is the fact that the content they need should be available on any channel that’s convenient for them. Hence to offer your potential customers maximum convenience, try to include as many channels in your marketing tactics as possible. More channels in your channel mix mean more prospects which ultimately results in more ROI.

Go for offering your precious clients omnichannel experiences in the top 3 major areas. Consider adopting Conversational marketing solutions, like live chats since more than 80% of customers are waiting for an immediate response to sales or marketing questions. Live chat automatically increases the chances of customer loyalty, sales, and revenue. Conversing on Facebook messengers is likely to increase the conversion rate as compared to retargeting ads. Extend some of your product features or services features and offer your prospects maximum customer support. Continue actively promoting your products and services on different channels for better reach.

5- Go for video marketing

As YouTube is proven to be the second-most organically visited website, it never fails to convince customers to buy or download a piece of software or app after watching a video. Brands, businesses, and marketers are understanding the significance of videos since the pandemic. Hence more and more companies are persuade to invest deliberately in video marketing. Especially if their written content is not making progress. Not sure how to bring changes to your previously adopted video marketing strategies. Try looking for marketing campaigns of successful brands that increased their potential reach using videos. Go for learning essential YouTube SEO and video SEO and also don’t forget to make the best of YouTube Ads. Especially if you want to send consistent, free traffic to your videos.

6- Data science has bought impressive changes for marketing

Data science is the one digital marketing trends that has helped many brands stand out from the rest of their competitors. It made it easier for channel partners to gain invincible benefits. Also, marketing has hugely impact on the trending data science fad. As a result of which many digital marketers are slowly learning the skill of data analysis. Also, many marketing courses and institutes are single-handedly customizing some of the data analysis courses involving programming in Python. And advanced spreadsheet skills only for marketers. Sometimes many of the complex marketing problems like sentiment analysis, multifaceted customer data, campaign performance, and customer churn has a solution if marketers start going for the data analysis courses.

Wondering how to start aligning with the data science trends? Consider making a quality connection with top-notch data sources. Every marketing channel has a dedicated analytics tool, whether you want to benefit from organic search or effective backlinks data, with the right SEO tools you won’t have to worry about checking your competitors’ data. And automatically get insights on points where you can improve your brand strategies for better prominence. Next, you should go for learning data analysis skills including understanding your statistics. And how you collect your data and master relevant spreadsheet formulas.

7- Make online purchase a frictionless experience

Online buying can only be made easier and faster if businesses made it frictionless and convenient for customers. The most common example can be the quick deliveries of e‑grocery companies. Others include the easy purchase of both new and used cars and the current trends that include investing in the stock market. For your users to help offer you effective sales conversion. Try your best to decrease all kinds of friction that involves causing hindrance in the path of conversion action performed by users. Once businesses commit themselves to make the money flow easy and smooth going. They are automatically investing in getting more conversions. No matter whether it’s about reducing the money flow while users are signing up for a trial. Then make a purchase, or sign up for a newsletter. Reducing friction should be the top priority of most businesses.

And before diving deep into removing any kind of friction, make sure you are aware of the times when friction can magically offer you some hidden benefits. Take a look at friction as a security measure. Any shopping site like Amazon asks users to complete the two-step verification process to log in to their account before taking a screenshot. Seeing it from a lead generation perspective, friction present in gated content always helps brands to get access to more available data points and more qualified leads.


Since the marketing future is always uncertain, hence rather than staying carefree and not taking any action. You can always go for following some of these digital marketing trends that will ultimately help your brand achieve the desired success sooner or later.  The above trending digital marketing trends will help offer you smart insights into the latest successful marketing strategies. If there are still some questions bothering you regarding marketing in 2022, then you can try contacting GlobalHunt Technologies and forget all your worries about keeping up with the modern and fresh digital marketing trends that will continue to rise in 2022. For all your SEO-related and digital marketing queries, GlobalHunt Technologies can be your best partner.

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