These 5 Tips You Must Apply For Custom Paper Boxes Success.

You Must Apply For Custom Paper Boxes Success.

Apparent perception is everything that matters in a retail environment; the better the perception, the more is your chance of winning sales. Custom paper boxes paired with a practical design but lacking crisp aesthetics would not make a perfect customer experience. The potential clients tend to look at every design detail of the packaging to adjudge the product quality. There is a dire need to pull off both aesthetic and functional components together if you want to make a statement. Picture-perfect graphics and copy detailing the characteristics of packaged products, along with good design details, would make your packages stand out from the others.

Select a good paper thickness:

One of the first things to consider for paper boxes is opting for a good-grade paper that is thick enough to withstand pressure. These packages are destined to pass through several shipping phases, each of which subjects them to physical stressors. If they are not stiff enough, there is simply no guarantee of the protection of items inside. The thickness of the paper is measured in thousandths of an inch and usually ranges from 10pt to 24pt.

Paper with a 10pt thickness is a good choice, but only in the cases where the products are lightweight. If you are using this stock thickness for relatively heavy products, you are setting them up for damage on the way. A safe choice is a selection between 18pt to 24 pt because the paper of this thickness is stiff enough to deal with stresses and strains. This thickness also makes it compatible with different printing techniques that use header pressure to imprint different designs.

Compliance with product dimensions:

Kraft paper boxes are flexible enough to give you full control over their design customization. An important part of the customization is making sure the packages are a perfect fit for the products intended to be packaged. Loose fit is not an option because it takes a lot of material quantity in the manufacturing process. Not just that, but it also depends on the use of protective filters and cushions to take care of the protection aspects. The result is that you have to bear enormous manufacturing costs that can limit you from maintaining a healthy bottom line. To avoid this, it is pertinent to design a fitting packaging that takes care of the product dimensions. An effective rule of thumb here is to leave a space of 0.0625 inches because the tight design can sometimes put a strain on the inside items.

Two-color approach:

As a designer, you must have read through the effective color theory to mix up some nice hues in the packaging design. Like many others. You would also be vocal about using the 4-color approach because it gives you more liberty in selecting the intended schemes. What if we tell you that the same printing and aesthetic results could be achieved with a 2-color stratagem? This color scheme consists of only two colors but can be expanded by the use of tints, shades, and tones. It is rather a more simple and cost-effective approach as compared to the costly 4-color model. No matter whether you want to embellish the packages with an on-brand look or product-oriented feel, this approach pledges the finest printing results. You can mix them up to obtain any color combination of your choice without any inefficiency.

Invest in innovative design:

You are up against a massive competition that is ready to outclass you at every corner. In this excessively competitive environment. How can you expect an ordinary packaging design to win you sales? Think of some creative ways. That can enable your Kraft paper boxes to cut through the competitive clutter and make a perfect statement. Die-cut window patching could be an excellent idea, but do not restrict your creativity to the cutouts only. Stylize these cutouts in some special patterns that are both eye-popping and attention-grabbing. While thinking of an innovative design. Always go for the design options that solve some kind of problem for the customers. Take an example of the famous Chinese food packaging that has a self-heating pack at the bottom for keeping the eatables fresher. See your customers’ needs and come up with a unique packaging design concept that really pokes them for notice.

Don’t forget the finishing:

After you have worked so hard on the designing of Kraft paper boxes, do not forget to consider the final touches. The exterior of these packages tends to lose its charm and attractiveness when exposed to the external environment. The detailing of these packages not only protects the artwork but also adds a new dimension, i.e., a touch impact. Whether you are going for a gloss or matte lamination, they would make the printed work appear and feel enticing. Other than laminations, embossing or debossing could be your go-to choice here as it produces a real 3D effect to your product presentation. You can also have a go at the soft-touch coating that is remarkably the favored choice of brands for a perfect absorbing effect on the customers.

Spending time upfront on the flawless designing of custom paper boxes will definitely pay off. In terms of increased customer attraction and retention. Putting an emphasis on one design aspect and ignoring the other can falter your business. Make sure you are adopting a balanced approach in this matter as every design detail is important for the customers.

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