Steps of Web Application Development Process

Application Development Process

A web application operates through web browsers all over the internet and its placement is on a remote server. It possesses a server side and a client side thereby known as client-server program. Client is the one who uses the application and server refers to the application which stores the data.

With extensive internet usage, organizations tend to adopt web applications. It will not be wrong to say that web apps are everywhere. Their development process affects their functionality.

Let’s see what steps are involved in web application development.

Undoubtedly, web apps are advantageous for many reasons. So, before moving to the developing process, you have to ask these questions to yourself. What is the purpose of using this app? There has to be a sufficient target market to make use of this app.

How will it provide benefits to the customer? Moreover, what is the competitive advantage of the app? By having a satisfactory answer to these questions, more chances will be there to gain better ROI.

  • Do Market Research

There is tough competition in the market. To gain a market niche and meet users’ demands, conduct market research. Before putting in efforts and spending hard-earned money, estimate what the outcome will be. It will be helpful to include the features which the customer requires.

The solution of all these predicaments sums up to market research. It will give the right direction to develop a cutting-edge web app. Hence, harness your efforts in the best way and provide a feature-rich web app by doing market research.

  • Describe Features & Functionalities

Developing a web app which fully meets the customer requirements will provide higher revenue and profits. For this, describe what features and functionalities should be in the app. Think by getting yourself into the shoes of the customers.

Add in all the features and modules which users need in the app. Facilitate buyer journey and focus on providing a seamless experience. Therefore, defining proper features and functionalities in the app is a must.

  • Design Apps’ Layout

After performing market research and defining the app’s functionalities, proceed to the app’s layout. This design will include placement of images, text, icons as well as other interactive elements.

Design should be simple and intuitive. Again, the app’s design should meet users’ demands. It should engage users not discourage them to discontinue its usage.

  • Finalize Action Plan

App development team should come up with a plan to implement the project. Before finalizing the action plan, conduct a meet up and discuss everything with the team members. In this plan, they have to define the time required for sprints.

Since, it is better to have a sprint approach to facilitate new notions and augment project delivery. This plan should be impeccable because developers have to work according to it.

  • Create Wireframes

Wireframes are the sketches which will help you know how the app will look like. And even before it goes for prototyping. These two steps in web app development will make you escape many flaws. These sketches will make you get rid of the many hurdles.

More than that, conducting alpha and beta testing of the prototype will also help improve app’s performance. It will help make the app user friendly. Further to this, it will create a solid base of the development process.

  • Opt for the Required Database

For a web application to function, an application server, web server and a database are required. Database fulfills the purpose of storing the information. It helps users search, filter and display data when users use the app.

It also helps present information in an organized way. When the database updates, web pages update accordingly. It vanishes the need to do HTML code updation manually.

  • Work On The Back-End Side

Back-end side refers to the server-side of the app. It is the side where you do coding and build the structure of the app. In essence, it is the place where main development of the app happens. Developers do coding in the web frameworks.

This framework is the hub of code constructs, rules, objects and functions. Through effective server-side programming, it helps deliver a fine user experience.

  • Develop the Front-End Side

Finally, it is time to move to developing the front-end side of the application. It has visual components and the features users interact with. There will be usage of technologies like HTML, CSS & JavaScript to develop the front-end of the app.

While developing the client-side of the app, ensure certain aspects. It could be like responsiveness, color scheme, typography, navigation and much more.

  •  Launch Your Web App

Finally, you are at the stage of launching your web app. Well, there are so many aspects to cater but these are essential to consider before launching a web app. Go for Google page speed insights test. Ensure there is no issue of app security. It shouldn’t be vulnerable to malware attacks. 

Further to this, check for any broken links. Perform the mandatory SEO methods to improve its ranking in search engines. Hence, launch your app successfully.

Parting Thoughts

By coming in terms with a leading company like Data On Matrix Solutions, build your app by following the above steps. Their dedicated development team will not only adhere to the above steps but will develop the app using the latest technologies. Hence, getting in touch with them could make you have a high-performing web app.

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