Mistakes That iBeacon App Developers Should Never Make

Within the last few years, technology has become a part of every sphere of society and business. With the increasing use of mobile phones, the use of new technology has become one of the major internet-based movements. To achieve this, choose the best option i.e. the iBeacon.

The growth of iBeacon technology was among the top news stories of the year. However, now, a number of mainstream media outlets began to proclaim Apple’s custom iBeacon app development. It was called just a trend that didn’t live up to the expectations. It led to a number of business experts stepping forward to provide insight into the current condition of the beacon market.

In the present, it is obvious that each new technology requires the time to study its possibilities and the best practices in the realm of developing apps. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common errors that developers make when adding beacon technology into their apps.

iBeacon Technology: Overview

The shopping habits of shoppers have transformed dramatically in the last decade due to the rise of online stores & websites. And today, we are experiencing its latest innovation with the help of custom iBeacon app development. Each beacon is essentially an inexpensive, small Bluetooth transmitter. When you are within distance of any of the beacons, your smartphone receives a signal. This will detect a response from any of the apps installed in your phone.

Presently, iBeacon hardware technology is in its infancy and Apple just began to test this technology across the USA. An experiment has also been carried out through Heathrow Airport. The trial allowed passengers who were going through security to obtain the mobile boarding passes for the plane automatically. So they did not have to look to find it in the security process. All in all, custom iBeacon app development is the rising era of the app industry. To compete in this rising era, it is advisable to seek expert assistance from top iBeacon app development companies around.

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iBeacon App Developers: Must-to-be-Avoided Mistakes

Developers must be careful not to make these errors in custom iBeacon app development. It is crucial to talk about because all efforts will be useless when the apps aren’t perfect. In the end, iBeacon technology can only be optimized using iBeacon applications.

1.     A Lack of Customer Education on Value Propositions

While the number of sensors per Server Provider is growing in a way that is unprecedented, there are occasions when the customers aren’t entirely aware of this technology and have an aloof view of the sensors. In the onboarding process, iBeacon apps do not offer information about Value Proposition. As a result, consumers remain uneasy about enabling their location services and activating your Bluetooth to Beacon device. Therefore, Value Proposition and Customer education is best preserved when you seek assistance from top iBeacon app development companies.

2.     Privacy Settings are not Transparent

Privacy is a priority for consumers to a large extent. This is among the main reasons new technologies typically cause concern for consumers about their private data. Beacons are not an exception in this regard. The amount of information that beacons collect by beacon apps could provide information about an individual. This includes their location to a particular aisle or shelves at a store, what they browsed & what they purchased etc. This makes privacy settings for these apps a very sensitive issue.

A different and interesting study conducted in collaboration with Lightspeed GMI revealed some stats. 75% of people are content to share their location information with retailers. Also, 71% are worried that companies aren’t making the right choices to ensure responsible use of this information. This is why it’s important for beacon applications to be transparent about the personal information users have to provide. This, then, will be the best way to handle the data.

3.     Not using the Bluetooth Technology

The fact that users aren’t always able to turn their Bluetooth on isn’t a secret. Although many beacon apps provide their users with an invitation to turn on the Bluetooth during the onboarding process. The majority of beacon apps do not re-engage users following their initial onboarding session. This is a major oversight especially since off states of Bluetooth are excellent occasions for beacon apps to inform users.

If, in other words, you’re offering value to your customers by using  custom iBeacon app development. You should consider providing unobtrusive empty states as well as messages to encourage users to turn Bluetooth on.

4.     Lack of Beacon Background Modes Knowledge

Last of all errors, iBeacon app developers may not have the proper knowledge of the different beacon backgrounds. Background beacons allow smartphones to look for nearby beacons. Even though users are not active using the  custom iBeacon app development for iOS and Android devices, it will look for them.

This could be a deterrent for users. The developers didn’t consider the reactions of users to this feature. Also, they didn’t consider how they might react to the notifications that appear on lock screens on different devices.

After the developers are well-known about these faults, you must observe them closely and even take help from the best iBeacon app development company in town.

Last Say

If the  custom iBeacon app development process is well managed, it should result in no problems. It will be gem with the app’s performance as well as its acceptance by users. The only thing developers have to be careful of is not to make the same mistakes mentioned above.

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