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How to make a WordPress eCommerce Website in 2022?

Want to make an eCommerce store for launching your brand? Work on your products and select the best niche to begin a website. The biggest challenge is to choose a platform for building an online store. WordPress seems to be the best choice to establish a site. How to create an eCommerce website with WordPress? It’s a question that comes to the mind of users who are serious about establishing an online store.

WordPress is a popular platform for developing websites, as it is scalable and flexible for builders. Most interestingly it is free for creating a store. Professional web developers love to use this platform, as it is easier to handle and manage. If you are searching for the best platform, you can go with this particular CMS to ease the development process. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating an eCommerce website with WordPress!

Choose an Attractive Domain Name

The first thing is to choose a perfect domain name for your store. A domain name makes your business unique and attractive for visitors. There are so many platforms one can use for searching and buying domains. NameCheap seems to be a common choice for users. It offers reasonable rates to users with a low handling fee. Therefore, you can easily buy a domain from NameCheap and other platforms that offer reasonable rates. If you find a domain that matches your brand name, it’s a good sign for your business.

Sign up to a Hosting Provider

After selecting the domain name, the next step is to sign up to a hosting provider to manage your domain name. You may choose a smooth web hosting provider that offers reliable and interrupted services. Every domain name needs a smooth hosting service to organize and set up a business. Shared hosting can also be considered for managing a website, where you enter your card details to grab the deal. Choose a server that offers good bandwidth, storage, and website security services.

Install WordPress

After you have got the best hosting service and an attractive domain name, it’s time to install WordPress for your eCommerce store. You can install it using your hosting dashboard. The manual downloading option is also available that you can access through a hosting account. The one-click option is easier compared to manual installation, as it saves your time. You have to go through your hosting dashboard to deal with the WordPress installation no matter if you have purchased it from NameCheap, BlueHost, or any other.

Install and Activate WooCommerce

WordPress is a perfect platform for building an eCommerce store, so you can’t skip the installation of WooCommerce for building an online store. You may log in to your dashboard to install the plugin. The simple is to click on the Install Now button that appears in grey color. It turns blue once you activate the plugin. After the successful installation of the WooCommerce plugin, you may add your business details to begin the digital selling activities.
For this, you need to go through the following details.

Select Payment Method

PayPal and Stripe are the best and recommended payment methods that you can add to manage payments.

Confirm Shipping Details

After setting up payment methods, you must also confirm shipping details including rates and shipping zones. You may set fixed-price or may change accordingly.

Choose a theme for your Ecommerce Store

Choosing a theme has always been an interesting process for builders. You come across plenty of themes that you can consider for your WordPress website, whereas some are free and some are paid. The basic design of the theme is recommended for different niches that many users consider for building their websites. You can customize your theme depending on your choice; even you can edit and add the HTML code to meet your design requirements. It’s a technical process.

Theme selection is a time-consuming process, as you match themes with your niche and products. For this, you may buy a theme that meets your requirements. Furthermore, customization is also an option that can help you achieve your goals. After you customize the theme, design an eye-catching logo to make your store stunning.

Add products

After designing a theme, the next is to add products to your eCommerce store or get help from Adziv to create a store for you. You add products using the dashboard after activating Jetpack for easy uploading of the products. Make sure, you add the product name, set price, product images, descriptions, and categories to educate your audience.

Make your store public

The last thing is to go live. Once you have added all the products with their relevant images and descriptions, it’s time to make your eCommerce store public to let the audience know about your presence. It is the final step to consider for establishing an online store using WordPress

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