How to Fix Canon Printer Error E59?

Canon Printer Error E59 is a typical error that is triggered when a printer cannot detect print jobs. Canon printers are known for their speed and superior print quality. The majority of people prefer Canon devices because they come with a simple interface. Anyone can easily configure the printer using his computer and print prints. The printers are also compatible with networks or wireless devices set up. The use of the Canon printer is easy, but there are some errors that could be encountered by users.

The reasons for getting Canon Printer Error E59

  1. The printer isn’t able to get the print job.
  2. Your printer isn’t able to connect to the PC
  3. Canon printer connection error
  4. Printheads or fusers is not working
  5. You must change your settings in a way that is not valid.
  6. Stuck print job

Resolving Canon Printer Error E59

Start the Canon Printer

While printing If you receive an error message, then you need to restart the printer. It is common for users to receive an error message when the procedure is disrupted due to something. To restart the printer, disconnect the power cable while the printer is turned on. Reconnect the printer. The Canon printer will automatically start. Open your computer and search the printer for Canon Printer error E59. If the printer continues experiencing an error, reboot your computer. Connect it back with the Canon printer and take printouts.

Inspect Canon Printer Driver

The problem with your printer may occur because the driver isn’t working. If the driver is not working, your Canon printer won’t function. You must fix the driver that runs the printer. Visit the device and look at the device for Canon software. First, look for updates. If it’s not up-to-date then install the most recent update.

When your program isn’t updating because of corrupted files, repair them. The driver repair program will repair all drivers for the system. If you are unable to use it to the fullest, install your Canon driver. It is recommended to remove the Canon drive, which displays the Canon Printer Error E59, and install a new configuration via the web. If the Canon printer locates the correct driver, it will begin printing.

Reset your Canon Printer

If an error occurs on your Canon printer, it is recommended to reset Canon printer. It is possible that you are experiencing errors because of incorrect settings. Sometimes, users set the printer incorrectly, and then it displays the error. It is necessary to reset the printer and then configure the Canon printer in the correct way. Instructions for Canon MG2570s Reset:

  1. Go to your printer and click the Setup button
  2. Select the device settings button
  3. Choose Reset option
  4. Tap the OK button
  5. Select Reset All

When you are on the verification screen, click OK. After resetting the printer the user must connect the printer to his computer to take prints.

Verify your fuser as well as the printer head.

Printhead and fuser are essential components that make up your printer. If you notice an error, you must immediately check the fuser. It could be damaged by overheating. If the fuser isn’t functioning, you should replace it. Check the printhead and in case it’s overheated, close the Canon printer. If it is not, the printer will be burned out. When it is cool it is possible to continue printing. If your printhead seems to be blocked it is recommended that the user clear it. It is possible to run the cleaning tool

  1. Visit the properties
  2. Select Maintenance tab
  3. Click to select the Deep Cleaning option

Select the Ink Group and then click”Execute. The tool will then run and wash the printhead. After cleaning, you can run the printer and then check for the Canon Error Code E59.

Run Printer troubleshooter for Canon Printer Error E59

Printer Troubleshooter will fix Your Canon Printer Error E59. If you’re experiencing errors with your printer because of specific files, then running the troubleshooter can assist. If you are running Windows there is an inbuilt tool for troubleshooting that will look for errors and repair them. It is recommended to open your Update as well as the Security tab, and then look on the internet for the tool to troubleshoot printers. Start the program and then wait to receive the result. Then open the file and try to print the printout.

Get rid of the print job that is stuck

If you see that the E59 Canon error is appearing due to a stalled queue of prints, you must eliminate it. Then, open the services and look for the print spooler. Right-click it, then press its stop button. After you have removed the print job and printing, you can take the prints.

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