6 Interesting Facts About Manga That Everyone Should Know

Manga is Japanese comics that are most known for their unique drawing style, deep storytelling, and highly detailed plots. Though manga originates from Japan, they are widely popular in all parts of the world and people use free manga sites like mangastream to access these series every day.

Manga gives you a very unique reading experience that is way superior to comics. However, there are so many things about manga that people just don’t know about. This article is about some of the most interesting facts about manga which you will definitely find enjoyable.

The most interesting manga facts that you should know

  •   The origin of Beautiful Big Eyes:

Most Japanese manga characters have these detailed huge eyes in different colors. What most people don’t know is that this trend actually came into manga due to western influence. Osamu Tekuza the artist who started this trend has said that he inspire a lot by the character Bambi from Walt Disney.

He started using such big eyes first in Japanese manga culture and due to the popularity. Other manga artists jumped in as well.

  • Reading Style:

There is a huge difference in how you read manga vs a comic book. The dialogues and scenes are read from right to left and top to bottom which are quite opposite to how you read a comic book.

This is because the Japanese language is read in a manner that is similar to the one, we discussed above. Oftentimes, when the manga is launched in some country other than Japan the tiles are inverted so that readers don’t face any difficulty.

However, some recent manga comes in their original state to give the most authentic reading experience.

  • The Very First Modern Manga:

Contrary to the popular belief according to which Astro Boy is the originator of the modern manga, the credit really goes to the manga “Tagosaku and Mokube’s Sightseeing in Tokyo”, which was created by Kitazawa Rakuten in 1902.

Kitazawa was among the very first artists ever who used a systemic way to draw manga characters and he trained many individuals in the art of caricature and manga in the course of his career.

  • The Top-Selling Manga of All:

This title goes to the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. With over 470 million copies sold so far, this manga has broken every record there is in terms of manga demands and sales.

This manga has been adapted into an anime series that is admired by fans all over the world. This manga has over 96 volumes and new ones are also scheduled which indicates that One Piece is going to hold its place as the top-selling manga for a long time to come.

It is really impressive how long the writer has been able to keep his audience’s attention in his work for this long duration.

  • Features of Manga:

There are some features that are unique to manga alone and you cannot find these in other sorts of comics. Most manga is in black and white and the color of the border or panel depicts the time in which the scene is taking place.

The word bubbles are different in different situations and there are various characteristic patterns that show the current mood of the character. All these features have specific functions and knowing these can help you have more fun reading your favorite manga series.

  •  Age Diversity:

Contrary to comics which most target male teen boys. Manga can  read by young as well as adult boys and girls which is pretty cool. There are five main types of manga based on the target audience. These include shonen or manga targeted o teen boys, Shojo or manga written for teen girls, and Seien and Josie which targeted at adult males and females respectively.

Kodomomuke is another famous class of manga that focuses on younger children. Such manga often includes educational content and they impart valuable life lessons to their readers. You can read all of these mangas on free streaming sites like Moviesda.

Final Thoughts:

These are all some of the most interesting facts about manga. That even the most avid manga readers probably don’t know. Manga no doubt has become one of the most popular sources of entrainment around the globe. And that is why one must know as much as possible about the origin and history of this fascinating art style to have more fun reading it.

We really hope this information has been worth your time and energy. You can share this stuff with your friends and other manga lovers as well so that more people learn about these cool manga facts.

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