11 Calgary Coffee Roasters You Must Visit in 2022

This article talks about the different coffee roasters available in the city of Calgary. It discusses the available coffee varieties too.

Coffee is essential for all and the Calgary people are no different. Calgary coffee roasters are quite famous in all of Canada! This place has a lot of coffee shops and roasters that will catch your fancy.

If you need a place to work, grab some ‘fancy coffee beans’, or simply go on a date, these coffee roasters, are the ones to consider. In the NY of 2022, try out these amazing spots to soothe your soul with the ‘perfect cup’.

Which Coffee Roasters is the Best in the City?

Here is the ultimate list of coffee roasters in Calgary that will make your day-


This roaster is known for roasting its own beans to make delicious coffee. If you are a coffee fanatic, this is a must-visit spot. These coffee beans are delicious and if you are thinking of waking up and having a sip of it, well, it’s the best way to start any working day!

Now, for your infamous ‘coffee dates’ Monogram has opened three cute spots in Calgary that you can visit any day.

Phil & Sebastian coffee roasters

Phil & Sebastian

This roastery is the city’s favorite. If you are visiting Calgary, make sure you make a stop in the finest roasteries of Calgary. Phil & Sebastian coffee roasters collaborate with the Hartmann Family to get some of the best aromatic coffee beans in the country. You can learn from their servers how to brew the coffee in the best way. Well, do not forget to buy some beans for later!


This roastery is known for its delicious coffee, warm hospitality, and well a great love for coffee lovers! When you enter any of the Rosso coffee roasters in Calgary, the fresh brewing coffee will fill your senses. This is a great place for people who want to get a quick cup of fresh coffee before starting their daily work. This roastery gets its special green beans directly from organic farmers and that is how they make the ‘perfect cup’ for you!


Well, this roastery has a fun motto that they stick by ‘Coffee fuels a life of intention’. So heartfelt isn’t it? For coffee lovers Five’21 roasts some of the best coffee beans available in the country. To make the cup even more enriching, they use organic coffee beans. You can pop in any of their cafes, and taste the delicious coffee that Calgary has to offer! Your mornings will be ‘fueled’ with energy for the day!

Big Mountain

This is one of the popular local coffee roasters Calgary area whose coffee the entire city consumes happily. It opened in 2003 and makes some of the best coffee available in Calgary. Big Mountain specializes in Espresso and they have four unique espresso blends that you can choose from.

cafe monte coffee roasters

Caffe’ Monte

This roastery believes in brewing the most perfect cup for anyone who visits their cafes or buys their beans. You can find their cafes all across North America. In Calgary, they have spots where you can take your partner on a ‘fancy coffee date’! They have the most amazing coffee farmers on their team. So, whenever you take a sip, your soul feels happy!

Noble Tree

Well, this roaster is a bit different than others. Their coffee story started with a greenhouse and many other coffee trees grew as the years went by. If you are looking for Calgary based coffee roasters who will bring you the perfect taste in environment-friendly ways, buy beans from this roastery.

Crickle Creek

They source their coffee from the faraway Rocky Mountains and bring to you the perfect cup! When you taste the delicious and aromatic coffee they make, nobody can stop you from falling in love! Buy some beans from this roastery as they come from the best of the coffee mountains!

The Roasterie

Since 1985, this roastery has been brewing delicious coffee for all locals and tourists alike. They source aromatic and flavorful coffee beans from different coffee regions in the world. Yes, you can ask for any specific coffee from the globe and they will make a cup for you!


Humble coffee roaster has been founded by a former barista who enjoyed coffee ‘too’ much. When you buy their beans, you will taste the finest flavors available in the entire Canada. You will get artisan roasted coffee, even when you are home. So, plan an indoor get-together and brew their coffee for a great evening!

Rebel Bean 

Among my list of coffee roasters, this one has a unique name and vibe! You can get any of their amazing selection of coffee like Afternoon Delight, Peru, Big Chill Espresso, etc. Now, your whole kitchen will smell like ‘coffee’ and nothing’s better than that!

If you are looking for the best list of roasters in Calgary with reviews and other authentic details visit Roast Love. In 2022, you should try something new. Go visit any of these coffee roasters’ cafes and spend delightful mornings and evenings with your partner, friends, or well, even yourself!

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