Why Having A Unique Business Name Matters

When you’re starting a business, you have to consider a few things before you dive in. Besides coming up with a solid idea and plan, you also need to consider what to call it. Many people don’t realize how vital unique business name ideas can be for a company’s success.

For any business, grabbing the attention of potential customers has to start somewhere. Often, capturing consumer interest begins with the company’s name. Here are some reasons why coming up with a unique name is vital for commercial success when you’re naming a business.

Unique Names Are Harder To Forget

Even though this is about unique monikers to give your business, there’s a general rule that still applies to names. Unique names that stand out are harder to forget. On a daily basis, the average human is bombarded with information, often leading to a type of brain overload.

When that information seems to be duplicated (as in the form of common names), memory reserves could be inclined to dump extraneous data. Coming up with a unique name for your business is a way to keep your company at the front of a future consumer’s memory bank.

Name Recognition Resonates With People

If you doubt that name recognition draws people in, just take a look at political campaigns. Research shows that when people lack comprehensive information about a candidate, something as simple as a yard sign can help support that candidate’s run for office. 

That’s because name recognition creates a sense of comfort and also suggests that these candidates are “more viable” and, therefore, a person to confidently vote into office. While you’re not running for office, when you choose a unique business name, you are creating name recognition that consumers can feel good about supporting. 

Consumers Prefer Recognizable Names

The fact that consumers prefer brands that they recognize isn’t just common sense. It’s actually neuroscience. Scientists have conducted studies that use neuroimaging for marketing analysis and research. While more studies need to be conducted, there is some indication that brand recognition and brain activity are tied together.

Furthermore, it’s also been proven that people will pay for brands that they recognize because they inherently trust the company. So, brand recognition is crucial. However, brand recognition begins with brand awareness.

What is Brand Awareness?

While brand recognition involves all things encompassing the brand (marketing materials, advertisements, etc.), brand awareness deals with the consumer’s understanding that the brand actually exists. So, brand awareness is where everything starts — and that’s why choosing a unique business name is the beginning of a company’s success.

Companies, such as Namify, understand the importance of how instrumental a company name can be when starting a business. Using the specific metrics of what your business entails, Namify can generate a list of unique business name ideas to help give you the best start for your company. Don’t leave what to name your company to chance. The name you choose for your business matters.

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