How to clean your wallpaper from the blood before trauma cleaning services arrive.

How to deal with fresh pollution?

No matter what surface the blood drops fall on, the first thing one should urgently do is to stop the process of absorption. To do this, the blood is washed off with a pressure of cold water. However, there are more serious situations that are much worse than just a little cut – crimes, traumas, suicides, etc. In this case, blood can be found everywhere in the room – walls, floor, furniture, and even the ceiling. In addition, by the time trauma cleaning services arrive, blood has already absorbed the surfaces and dried, which makes the process of cleaning much more complicated.

How to treat wallpaper in case of blood spill

Wallpapers can be divided into 3 large groups:

paper wallpapers – made of paper, there is no protective layer;

vinyl wallpapers – made of paper, have a protective layer of vinyl, moisture resistant;

non-woven wallpapers – made of compressed fibers of paper and fabric, resistant to abrasion and moisture.

Knowing the type of wallpaper, it’s possible to clean their surface from grease, dirt, and such unpleasant contaminants as blood. It is highly undesirable to wash paper wallpapers.

How to clean blood from non-woven wallpaper?

The material on a dense base is good because it is resistant to dirt and allows the use of professional cleaning products, which trauma cleaning services usually use. However, before the trauma cleaning services arrive, you can start cleaning wallpapers yourself.

To remove stains from non-woven wall coverings, you can use a soap solution. It’s easy to make this solution – take a piece of laundry soap and dissolve it in cold water. Gently wipe the area and wash off the soap composition with a sponge.

Some dishwashing gels and shampoos have good cleaning properties too. Add one tablespoon of the product to a glass of water and make a foam; rinse the stain well with a brush. Remove the remaining gel and wipe dry with a sponge.

Thicker wallpapers should be scrubbed with care, avoiding joints at the seams.

All these measures are possible to take only if the area of blood contamination is relatively small. If the blood, as well as other biological fluids, cover a huge area, the only solution is to call trauma cleaning services and have them do professional cleaning.

As for vinyl wallpaper, it’s possible to clean them from the blood by applying a mixture of water and toothpowder and leaving it for a day. Then you can brush off the remaining mixture with a brush.

You can resort to the salt solution. Treat the vinyl wallpaper with a mixture of 30 grams of baking soda and 30 grams of salt per liter of water, rinse off after 2-3 hours and wipe dry.

If your wallpapers are made of paper, try to use wet cleaning methods as carefully as possible. In such cases, when applying liquid substances, it is better not to rub the surface since the paper gets very wet, and the pattern can be damaged.

There are also special products for wallpaper care. They contain enzymes that break down many bodily fluids. However, before using specialized substances, you should check a piece of wallpaper for resistance to deformation or trust this job to the professional trauma cleaning services, which will definitely do it better.

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