Five reasons why one should trade shares online

Online trading in shares and other securities is increasing with more and more people able to access the internet over the past two decades and at a much cheaper rate.

The prevalence of smartphones also means that people can access the internet anytime and anywhere thus further availing opportunities to trade online. The emergence of online businesses and firms like 5paise and the enhanced experience of trading online they offer has further attracted even more people.

If one isn’t already trading in shares online, here are five excellent reasons why one should do so:

  1. one can do it anytime, anywhere

The biggest advantage of trading shares online is that one can do it anytime and anywhere – on the roadside or beach, at midnight, or 4 a.m.

  1. It puts information at one’s fingertips.

The information that one needs to make informed decisions for trading in shares is readily available online and all the time; the other alternatives don’t even come close. Traditionally, a lot of trading has been done by shareholders depending on word of mouth and rumors, which need not be the case any longer.

  1. It is lightning fast.

Time is a valuable element when it comes to trading. Stock prices may pickup or fall within seconds. Thus it is best to go for options that let one execute the trade fast and online trading is the fastest. All one needs is the internet, a couple of minutes to make the desired clicks, and it is done. This saves both one’s precious time and, in some cases, one’s money. It is not that one will be faster than others by trading online as others may be online already but that one is not left at a position of a disadvantage because one picked a slower route.

  1. It is incredibly inexpensive.

Online trading is inexpensive when compared to other modes. The middleman commission particularly of firms like 5paisa is negligible. Those savings are nothing to laugh at. They add to quite a sum over time. The low commission also has a further perk. One no longer feels disinclined to trade in shares as often as one may want to if the commission is high. If the commission is low though as is the case with online trading in shares and other securities, one no longer feels disinclined anymore and follows one’s gut feeling with easy convince.

  1. It offers shareholders a far better control

Online trading in shares allows a person better control over their shares. They are no longer dependent on a broker to make the trades for them. The efficiency of the person of the broker is no longer a factor that affects how much money one will make or save. And thus one need not suffer from their clerical errors.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that online trading in shares and other securities is the way to go forward in the future. Its perks are simply way too powerful to be ignored. While it may be argued that it makes one dependent on the internet, however, the internet is far more readily available than factors that may affect traditional trading such as transportation, brokers, etc. 

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