How Can We Buy Gold Jewellery Online on EMI in India?

With digital gold platforms, buy gold online in a seamless manner. Also, buy gold jewellery on EMI online according to your budget. By purchasing gold this way, you don’t need to pay the full amount at the time of purchase. Therefore, it can be an excellent way to build your gold asset over time. Read on to know more about this gold-buying option without any further delay.

Options to Purchase Gold Jewellery on EMIs

Although the RBI banned banks from providing loans for gold purchases in 2012, many branded jewellers and associated companies have schemes that allow borrowers to buy gold jewellery in installments. Through these schemes, you may purchase small quantities of gold jewellery in affordable EMIs. Let’s look at a few available options in India:

Personal Loan: Although it is not a direct loan to buy gold, many NBFCs offer personal loans for a wedding that borrowers can use to buy gold jewellery. Weddings are the times when most Indian households purchase various items of gold. Therefore, a wedding loan can come to provide you with the needed funds to buy gold jewellery on EMIs. Most personal loans offer ample loan amounts, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment tenures, making buying gold jewellery on EMI online easier for the borrowers.

Credit Card: Credit card is a popular option that works like a small-term loan for users. If you want to buy gold jewellery without paying its price upfront, you may consider using your credit card for the purchase. Make your payment, bring your jewellery home, and keep paying its price over months with your credit card bills. So, using your credit card is another way to buy gold jewellery in EMIs. 

Gold Schemes: Many companies dealing in gold and other precious metals offer schemes under which customers can buy hallmarked jewellery on EMIs. The Muthoot gold loan rate per gram is based on the market rate, and you can buy gold jewellery weighing as low as 1-20 gms. You may also purchase 24 k gold coins in 1, 2, 5, 8, 10 gms. The repayment tenure varies from 3 to 9 months with daily, weekly, or monthly payment options. Therefore, buying gold jewellery becomes as easy on your pocket as it can be. 

Muthoot gold loan rate per gram

Whether you want to buy a gold chain, pendant, ring, earrings, bangles, or anything else, you can buy it with ease without disturbing your budget. Just book your select piece by paying a small amount and pay the remaining amount in easy instalments. You receive your gold jewellery when you pay its price in full. Don’t worry about increasing gold loan rates. The Muthoot gold loan rate per gram is fixed while booking the piece itself.

Digital Gold: These days, an innovative method of buying digital gold has emerged. Through platforms like eSwarna, you can easily purchase digital gold online by paying as low as Re. 1. Keep accumulating digital gold as you pay according to your budget and convert it into gold jewellery or gold coins when they equate to the amount of gold piece you wish to purchase. 


Your money is kept safe in your digital gold wallet until you purchase your jewellery. When you decide to turn your digital gold into real gold jewellery, the amount is instantly converted according to the current Muthoot gold loan rate per gram. The difference is that in this option, you don’t pay the EMIs after purchasing the gold but save its amount in your digital gold wallet before making your purchase. By buying your gold jewellery this way, you don’t need to pay any EMIs, there are no penalties and hidden charges, and you are not committed to any repayment tenure.

Buy gold jewellery on EMI online

Are you looking forward to buying gold jewellery but cannot afford its payment in lumpsum? Use any of the options mentioned above to buy gold jewellery on EMI online. Get in touch with a service provider. Also, keeps your money safe and provides you gold that is pure in quality and high in value. Get the loan from muthoot for Gold by NBFCs. The main advantage of easy finance when it comes to purchasing gold jewellery.

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