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End Of Construction Cleaning: Who Should do this?

After the construction or renovation of a dwelling or premises, the work is not completed. There is still construction site cleaning that needs to be cleared, but who will execute this last part of the entire project?

SCS Group Commercial Cleaning
SCS Group Commercial Cleaning

Delivering a site without having repaired it effectively sends back not so good impression. In addition, it prevents you from clearly seeing the potential of the completed site. So you will understand how important it is to clean it. However, we can ask ourselves several questions such as: “Who handles this task? A company specializing in construction cleaning, presents the details of site cleaning after the work.

Who is obliged to restore order after the works?

The answer to this question is very simple. It is also given by standard or the general administrative clauses applicable to building works covered by private contracts.

Concerning cleaning, the standard says that: “Each contractor, after intervention in a place, must leave the site clean and free of any waste. The contractor who succeeds him may require this state of cleanliness before starting his work. (…) Each contractor will clean his own work even if the contract documents attribute the cleaning of the site to a specific lot. 

Thus, if the realization of your project is entrusted to several professionals, they are all concerned with the cleaning after construction. The project owner is also responsible for planning the commissioning of site cleaning.


According to the standard, each contractor must return the site to the state of cleanliness in which he found it.

Clean up after work in two stages, three movements

It must be understood that the obligation of the company in charge of the works is limited to restoring the site to the state it was in before the start of the site. Cleaning the worksite has an aim: putting the site in order and completing cleaning after the work. It can be entrusted to the major company in charge of construction or renovation. Note, however, that this entails additional costs to be provided for in the construction contract. If the company does not have adequate means to execute the cleaning, it can subcontract this task to a cleaning company. Otherwise, to save a lot of money, you can hire a professional yourself through a construction site cleaning company. Beyond the savings made, this alternative has many advantages, in particular speed and precision of execution.

In addition, companies specializing in cleaning have and implement all the means to ensure that the space for which they are responsible is clean, in every corner, and in a brief time.

Companies specializing in post-construction cleaning allow you to save time and money

The best time to clean up a construction site

The best time to clean up a construction site is when the work is well and truly finished. It is indeed different from an office cleaning where it is possible to choose the ideal moment. If the work is not completed, it will be necessary to start the operation again each time the workers dirty the place…

However, clearing the worksite of rubble and debris as you go is recommended. This approach facilitates the work and prevents the site from being too cluttered.

SCS Group Commercial Cleaning
SCS Group Commercial Cleaning

Get rid of the rubble as you go to avoid cluttering the site

How does a professional clean up after work?

Now you know that post-construction cleaning consists of ridding a space of its dirt and putting it back in order so that it is ready for its intended use. Regarding the description of site cleaning, the professional proceeds in the following order:

  • Clearing of work residues, wood chips, rubble, and other gravel
  • Scraping and decreasing of glues, resins, cement, and paints on floors and walls
  • wall washing
  • Sanitary ware disinfection if necessary
  • Removing tarps and masking tape
  • Dusting and window cleaning
  • Floor and wall cleaning

The ideal is always to entrust the entire cleaning to a single specialized company. Quite simply, to reduce the cost of the operation.


Using only one company will allow you to significantly reduce costs

How much does it cost to use an end-of-construction cleaning company?

The price depends on the type of site and the cleaning work to be carried out. Most often, the rate is charged per square meter. It is also possible to find rates charged by the cubic meter or by the hour.

Floor maintenance can, for example, cost $4/m². Specialized companies offer flat-rate services including sweeping, stripping, and transportation of waste. On average, the cost of this package is $5/m².

The ideal way to find the best price is to compare several quotes. Do not hesitate to look for end-of-construction cleaning companies before the start of the construction site. This will allow you to ensure that your budget does not change.

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