All about International schools in KL: Fees, Curriculum and More

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, is home to a large population of ex-pats. It offers better career and employment opportunities, encouraging families from different nationalities to settle here. The families with school-going children look for the international school in KL that provides quality education to children and help design a promising future for them. One of the concerns that parents have is the kindergarten fees in Malaysia. It can be surprisingly high for some schools, but you can find the schools falling in your budget too. 

It takes detailed research and analysis of the school’s features to reach a conclusion. However, there are so many options that selecting one can get challenging. Moreover, it can also lead to poor decision-making. Therefore, to help you make the right decisions and save your time and effort, we have listed some options for the best international schools with the necessary details. 

List of best international schools in Kuala Lumpur

Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur

GIIS Kuala Lumpur has campuses across the globe and is renowned for its quality programs. They offer state-of-art amenities and the most advanced academic curriculum to their students. Hence, they help in raising intelligent and confident individuals. Moreover, their campuses in multiple countries across the globe help them organize cultural exchange programs and give better exposure to their children. All these features make GIIS Kuala Lumpur the best international school in KL.

Curriculum: They offer the Cambridge and CBSE curriculum to the students.

Fee: The fee they take is around RM 22000. It can vary depending on the year of enrolment. 

Nexus International School

It is another option in the top 5 international schools which you can choose for pre-schoolers. The atmosphere at school is nurturing, and the focus is always on the holistic development of every student. Their kindergarten wing is result-oriented, and their students learn through a practical approach, focusing on making learning exciting and fun. 

Curriculum: The school offers IPC (International Primary Curriculum) option to the students.

Fee: The fee they charge is around RM 43000. It can vary, depending on various factors.

Alice Smith School

It is the best choice for the international school with excellent academic results and equal emphasis on co-curricular activities and skill-building. They offer an exceptional combination of care, guidance, support, best curriculum to their students that help them grow holistically and do well in every walk of life. Their students perform well in all inter-school and university level competitions and have an excellent rate of university selections. 

Curriculum: They offer an American Curriculum plan to their students. It is one of the few English curriculum schools in Malaysia.

Fee: The fee they take from students is around RM 47000. It is an approximate value that varies, depending on different factors. 

GEMS International School

The environment at GEMS international school allows students to enjoy their educational journey and achieve their desired targets. Parents who have concerns about the kindergarten fees can opt for this school as it offers quality education and doesn’t cost a fortune. Moreover, their plans and methodologies are fun and result-oriented.

Curriculum: It offers IGCSE curriculum options to the students. 

Fee: The fee they charge is around RM 27,000. It can vary depending on the year of enrolment.

Though there are hundred other options available, you can skip doing the research and choose one from this list. Then, compare the service offerings and curriculum and decide which school would be best for your child. Also, check kindergarten fees in Malaysia before finalizing a school. Finally, you must visit the school and check the services for yourself to ensure that the institute has all it takes to design a fruitful career for your child. Stay vigilant and take a wise decision after gathering all the information, and you can rest assured that your child is on to a promising educational journey.


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