Right Age to Start IAS Preparation

Few people have a clear idea of what they aspire to be as they start their careers. Unlike 20 years ago, we now have a wide range of possibilities. Parents and children are becoming more informed and upgraded to help their children create professional objectives at the appropriate age. The most frequently asked question is when is the best time to begin IAS preparation. 

As per UPSC guidelines, IAS candidates must be 21 years old to sit for the exam. When children watch adults around themselves, they are frequently enthralled by the dignity and honor of serving their nation.

There are several instances of IAS toppers that have mostly aspired to be in that position. Some began studying for the IAS during their senior year of high school, and some even began while they were still in elementary school. Since everyone is different and the necessary time may vary, it is critical to recognize and select the appropriate age to begin IAS preparation. 

Is 16 the Right Age to Start IAS Preparation?

If any one of their family members is IAS or IPS officers, it is common for children to be excited to enter the civil service. They will also receive greater instruction in this scenario. Such students do not wait until graduation to begin studying for the exam; they start studying at 16 after completing their board examinations.

Is 18 the Right Age to Start IAS Preparation?

When you reach the age of 18, you are considered mature. 18 is the optimal age to begin studying for the IAS exam for some people. Students hunt for the greatest professional decision for themselves after this age.

The optimal age to begin the IAS journey is 18 years of age. It is because the individuals at this stage have passed their high school examinations and are entering college to pursue graduation. They need to pick whether you want to pursue engineering, B.Com, BA, B.SC, or anything else. Students pursuing IAS studies concurrently with graduation might take similar subjects in both, which would be beneficial in both courses. To start with, many candidates opt to prepare for the IAS examination when they are 18 years old.

Starting IAS preparation somewhere at the age of 18 enhances the chances of passing the exam on the first try. This is also useful in deciding which optional subjects to choose for IAS examinations. This will help you manage your time and decrease stress. Few intelligent people make the appropriate decision by pursuing bachelor’s degrees in their fields of interest. Then, in the UPSC mains examination, they take the topic of graduation.

Can 21 Years be the Right Age to Start IAS Preparation?

Some people wait until their degree is completed before studying for the IAS examinations, and IAS hopefuls might spend their entire time studying for the UPSC examinations after graduation. Because there’s no such thing as a required course after finishing a bachelor’s degree, there would be enough time to devote only to studying for the UPSC IAS Exam, or an IAS applicant might choose to take a post-graduation program. 

It is, nevertheless, feasible, and many IAS hopefuls who are pursuing a postgraduate degree have passed the UPSC IAS Exam. Throughout the record of IAS toppers, we have a lot of examples of candidates who began their study at the age of 21.

So What Exactly is the Right Age?

It is only when the urge to pass the Civil Service Exam arises that things become important. This might not be a terrible idea if it occurs throughout school days or at graduation because knowing what you wish to do with life at quite a young age is a wonderful thing. There will be academic obligations, such as achieving excellent marks; but, if you are sufficiently determined, you will indeed be capable of handling your academic obligations while still pursuing your UPSC ambitions. It will be an excellent idea at this point to read newspapers, keep up with current events, answer previous UPSC exam papers to see where you stand, and so on.

You can choose Optional Subject ahead of time, either by concentrating more during school or selecting them as graduating major or elective. There is no damage done if the urge to take the Civil Service Exams arises after graduating or often later. It makes no difference if the candidate is working or unemployed, single or married, as long as they are focused and committed to passing the tests. Married folks, people with children, pregnant applicants, differently-abled applicants, employed persons, and so on have all passed these examinations. As previously said, motivation, drive, and hard effort are important, although age is only a number.

Thus, by now, it is clear that 18 – 21 can be the right age to prepare for IAS. During this time, you’ll become more mature to understand the career prospects. The Thought Tree offers you the best UPSC Coaching to facilitate your IAS preparation journey. The course is perfectly designed in all the aspects which would give you time for self-study, clearing doubts, extra reading, etc., post-completion.

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