Activities and Outcomes for Effective Team Building

Team Building Activities

Organizations of the 21st century have normalized the incorporation of team-building activities to build strong teams. This is a common scenario before starting new projects, as these activities act like ice breakers, and helps them effectively accomplish the project. In this respect team leaders usually organize a trip for their co-workers to light up their moods before going to tougher routine work, and it gives drastic results.

Since travelling is the best option to explore new ideas, especially when living in a fast-paced metropolitan city like Dubai, official trips are quite common there. They plan and search out the best possible options to travel and hold these team building activities when going on nature camps in dubai. These are a blend of fun and learning opportunities from which the employees can make the most out of.

While there are numerous types of team-building activities, some of the most effective ones have been mentioned below:

1.  Camping

Camping needs more than physical exercise. It demands one to prepare or store adequate food and manage your accommodations effectively, while living away from the luxuries of home. This leads your teammates to develop the effective management trait in themselves. Camping is also beneficial to reduce stress, build better relationships with team members.

Along with that, walking and camping are both popular activities in the area. But with the increasing amount of rubbish and garbage, the destination becomes quite unpleasant to look at. Therefore, incorporating a small clean-up drive can also help contribute towards the environment and give back to the community.

2.  Catch the Sunset

An outdoor activity gives you a chance to capture fascinating shots that will mesmerize you with the sunset view. Since the area is situated in the desert, far away from the busy highways and skyscrapers you can catch a spectacular sight of the sun sets where the orange sky over the sandbanks. If you are a photographer, you will get the best options there to explore your talent. Make sure you will come with some picnic chairs, snacks and music to make the night gorgeous. As night falls, it will become a fabulous place to enjoy peace and make bonds with fellow members.

3.  BBQ party

Barbecue parties become fun beyond the routine work when it is performed with fellow workers. The team comes together to make tasty and delicious food and enjoy the bonfire and sing along, thereby making a memorable time for everyone.

4.  Cycling

Sports of any kind create a sense of achievement in the team members. After spending the memorable camp night and seeing the mesmerizing view of sun rising, teams can hold a cycling race among team members in the set cycling track of the place that you have chosen. It is fun to ride a cycle through the dense desert and adore the tranquillity that these natural parks and resorts offer, away from the busy urban life.

5.  Hiking

Hiking is also a fun filled activity that builds stamina of team members physically and emotionally. This in turn is able to help them grow up as a team leader in practical life. Because in hiking trails you may go through difficult tasks as a hiker, but also helps the team members accomplish the task as a team, not alone. Campers also have to make sure to bring along torches, sleeping bags, camping gear and especially warm clothes if you visit in winter.

An Insight on the Outcomes

Even now, more and more companies are able to incorporate these team building activities for amplified results. With a perfect blend of fun and new skills, employees learn some valuable skills to make the team successful and a better whole. In doing so, they are able to learn the following:


At the basic level, team-building allows individuals to get to know each one. It is a great opportunity for individuals to build strong bonding. They are able to do so by knowing each other’s interests, strengths or weaknesses, their communication level and developing an adequate rapport with them.

Build a Sense of Trust

Team-building exercises also build solidarity and trust. This is the most important feature of a successful team. With this attribute, teammates are able to resonate the synergised effect of their assistants, traits, skills, resources and behaviour alike.

Work is Never Just About Solo

Team Building activities also help to remind the people that work is not just about them. Rather, it is about the whole group. Along with that, it also shows them the individual power and how much it contributes for a better whole.

The Takeaway

Team-building activities play a vital role in our daily life and in the workplace. Similarly, in an organization, it allows people to work in teams, with fellow members and complete the set tasks. In all, it offers plenty of supplementary benefits, identifying strengths/weaknesses and filling the gap for a better whole.

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