10 Easy Tips for Men to Match Rings With Their Wedding Bands

Finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you find someone like that you want to spend your life with, you will propose to her, and you will go ring shopping.

Engagement rings are exchanged when the proposal is accepted. Ultimately, it’s up to the pair to decide what will make them happy on their journey together. To many, it’s crucial that the engagement ring complement the wedding band.

Men’s and women’s rings can be lovely when designed with the pair in mind. Below are some ideas for complementing men’s rings with their wedding bands.

Should Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Match?

Popular diamond wedding band trends include matching the engagement rings exactly. Many companies sell bands to pair with engagement rings. With this method, men can check the proportions of the diamonds and the depth to which they extend down the band.

A lot of brides go with this tried-and-true tradition. So, if you are choosing one for your bride, go for a ring with a twist or bend to avoid any unsightly gaps between the engagement ring and the band.

Will the Wedding Band Be Soldered to the Engagement Ring?

Know that soldering wedding bands to engagement rings is a popular option. In this way, the bands’ tendency to spin and fail to align will be remedied. Most jewelers recommend soldering rings to reduce frictional wear.

Nonetheless, there are some for whom this is not the best choice. Soldering isn’t for everyone, and some individuals opt not to do it because of their line of work. Many people don’t want to solder their bands together so they may switch them out anytime they choose.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but you get to choose.

Do Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Need to Go Together?

Personal choice determines how much a wedding band resembles an engagement ring. Others prefer to blend metals, diamond cuts, textures, and even ring widths to create a distinctive outfit.

How Should a Wedding Band Be Paired with an Engagement Ring?

1. Don’t Close Your Mind to New Ideas

Before choosing wedding bands for both of you, try on several rings, including your bride’s engagement ring.

The combination of an ornate engagement ring with a simple diamond wedding band may surprise you. A wedding band’s style can only be evaluated when compared to an engagement ring.

2. Harmonize with Your Look

If you want a cleaner, more consistent look, match your partner’s band’s thickness to her engagement rings. However, your taste should be your guide since fashion has no absolutes.

3. Use Just One Metal Color Throughout

If you don’t want to make a fashion statement, keep the wedding band and engagement ring metals the same.

Sterling silver or palladium with white gold is one example of a substitute that can be made if cost is a problem. You may always upgrade your wedding band to something more suitable in the future.

4. Choosing Between a Coordinated and Mismatched Look

The wedding band and engagement ring don’t need to look the same. Couples shouldn’t be scared to try new things and let their own sense of flair shine through.

5. Consider Adding a Personal Touch

Seeking a wedding band with a bit more personal flair? An inside engraving is a thoughtful gesture. Have you considered utilizing sapphire, emerald, or ruby to make the item as vibrant as you?

Platinum’s white tone makes jewels set in it even more spectacular. And their brightness might be an indication of your birthstone or wedding month.

6. Utilizing the Idle Hand as a Wearing Surface

Some wear engagement rings on their left index or thumb, while others wear them on their right. Your future bride’s preferences and your intuition will guide you.

Separate wedding and engagement rings provide outstanding designs and a number of options. You might choose bigger, more unique wedding ring shapes or stack many rings.

7. A Variety of Wedding Band Designs

Wedding bands for men in the traditional style will never go out of style. Whether solid metal or a diamond eternity ring, these wedding bands sit flat and well with many engagement ring settings.

Remember that engagement rings with irregular forms look great with contoured wedding bands. Also, a notched wedding band is absolutely flat, in contrast to a contoured one.

There are diamond wedding bands for men as well. These diamond embellished wedding bands are a modern and elegant option. Your wedding ring is your opportunity to stand out if you have chosen a classic engagement ring for your fiance.

8. Custom Wedding Band for Single-Stone Engagement Ring

A single-stone engagement ring is also known as a solitaire ring. Natural light will bring forth its full brilliance and shimmer. Many people believe that more diamonds mean greater dazzle, but this is not true.

The total price of the ring will be affected by its carat weight. You should consider this cost when buying two wedding bands for you and your bride-to-be. This is even more important if you want to customize a wedding band with it. Below, you will learn about what sort of wedding band will go with the single-stone engagement ring.

➔   Solitaire Ring

A traditional solitaire ring may match a simple gold or diamond wedding band. It depends on whether you and your fiance want a “traditional” look or to be more “you.” Traditional wedding bands are usually rotated often to guarantee a comfortable wearing experience.

➔   Diamonds put on the shoulders of an engagement ring

A custom-made diamond wedding band complements a diamond-set engagement ring. A channel-set wedding band would complement a channel-set engagement ring.

It will be wise for men to pick diamonds of the same size and shape for a wedding ring. You will get an “eternity ring” in addition to your wedding band this way.

If you decide to match them, make sure the bigger diamond is clearly larger. If you don’t, it will appear like you tried and failed to make it match.

9. Wedding Bands to Skip

Micro pave setting uses the tiniest beads possible to hold diamonds. Diamonds are less securely set. As a result, they are more prone to fall out. The issue isn’t if you will lose a diamond using this method but when, which is why you should avoid it.

10. What Should You Do if It Doesn’t Feel Right?

You may need to resize your ring if it is too snug or if it keeps falling off your finger. A wedding band should not be uncomfortable to remove or leave an impression on the skin. If the ring can be taken on and off without much effort, it is probably too loose and might end up getting lost at some point.

Remember, men may visit the store concerned that their wedding ring is too small. Why? Your hands may expand after a walk on a hot and humid day, whereas a walk in the cool autumn air may cause them to shrink.

Alcohol or a salty meal may temporarily change the shape of your fingers, making rings seem too tiny. If one intends to lose weight after purchasing a ring, they should know that they might need to get it resized.


For those about to tie the knot, it’s crucial to be aware of helpful wedding planning hints. The search for the ideal wedding ring, however, comes first. Many lovely options exist for coordinating the couple’s wedding bands with the bride’s engagement ring.

Keeping the above ideas in mind should make choosing a wedding band easy for men. Both you and your spouse should feel comfortable and at ease with the pairings you choose.

Think about your daily habits as well. Style is less important than the meaning of engagement rings and wedding bands.

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