Face Detection System in 2022: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Face recognition technology is a classification of biometric security. Other types of biometric software include fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, and iris or eye retina recognition. A face detection system checks the identity of any person using their face. The face recognition online can be used for the identification of individuals in videos, photos, or real-time. Besides how it benefits the businesses, it does have some disadvantages. Let’s explore the pros and cons of a face verification solution.

Advantages of Face Detection System

A facial recognition system brings many benefits besides just unlocking your mobile phone. Some of them include:

1- Increased Security

A face recognition process is used as a security tool to lock personal surveillance cameras as well as other personal devices. On the government level, it is used to identify terrorists, fraudsters, and other criminals. 

2- Reduced Crime

The advent of a face detection system has made the tracking of thieves, burglars, and trespassers easier. The sole understanding of face recognition can work as a deterrence, particularly to negligible crimes. Besides providing physical security, this technique is also providing cyber security. Organizations can use face recognition solutions as an alternative to passwords for accessing computers.


3- Removing Favoritism from Stop as well as Search

The concern of the public over unjustified stops and searches has given rise to controversy for the police. Thus, face recognition solutions can improve the process. It separates a suspect from the crowd using an automated rather than human process, and that is how it reduces favoritism and decreases stop and search on well-behaved citizens. 

4- Greater Convenience

As online face verification becomes widespread, the customers will be able to pay bills in shops using their faces instead of carrying credit cards and cash. This would surely save time standing in checkout lines. Hence, it provides an automatic, faster, and perfect verification experience.

5-  Faster Processing

Recognizing anyone through face takes no more than a second, this helps the platforms that use face detection systems. In this era of advanced hacking tools and cyberattacks, companies need a system that is fast and secure. So, facial recognition offers quick and efficient verification of an individual’s identity. 

6- Integration with Some Other Technologies

Facial detection systems can integrate with other security software easily. So, this have being limits any additional investmenting that is required for its implementation.

Disadvantages of the Face Detection System

Some individuals do not mind being filmed in public while others give intense reactions to this technology. Here are some of the concerns or disadvantages associated with facial verification. 

1- Surveillance

Some individuals worry that the use of benefits of facial recognition processes along with ever-present AI, video cameras, and data analytics creates the possibility of mass surveillance, which would restrict their freedom. As this technology helps the government to detect criminals, it could also track down innocent ones anytime. 


2- Scope of Error

The Facial verification system is not error-free. A slight change in the camera angle or the appearance of an individual like their hairstyle can cause an error and tag the person as a criminal even when they are not in reality.  As per the Newsweek report, the facial verification system of Amazon falsely identified 28 of the US Congress members as individuals arrested for the crime.

3- Breach of Privacy

The concern of people’s privacy and ethics is the most commercial one. The facial verification identifies people through their faces.  

4- Massive Data Storage

The facial recognition systems depend on machine learning, which demands huge data sets to learn for producing accurate results. Such big data sets need robust data storage and small as well as medium-sized platforms might not have all the resources of storing the required data. 

Final Thoughts

Face recognition technology may seem very attractive because of its capability to simplify people’s lives and increase the safety and security of the public. But it most probably ends up with a major inconvenience. A Face detection system that increases security and reduces crimes creates the chances of mass surveillance that could limit an individual’s freedom. The Face recognition process provides quick identification of an individual but also breaches public privacy by saving their photos without the individual’s consent.

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