Types of wood bed design fit for a Princess room

At some point of time or the other, every girl imagines herself as a Princess. She wants her room to reflect this royal vibe. This is where it becomes important to choose the right wood bed design. After all, a bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the room. The bed you choose needs to make a statement. Here are some of the classic design options.

Four-Poster Bed

A four-poster bed is the most classic example of a bed fit for a Princess. It has tall post – one in each corner. The posts are typically worked on with a lathe machine and feature intricately carved details. Four-poster beds can be designed in many ways to reflect styles from those with heavily baroque tones to simpler, more neo-classical tones.

 Low Poster Bed

Sometimes, you may want the traditional four-poster look but your room doesn’t allow for it. Classical four-poster beds take up a lot of visual space and hence are suited only to large rooms. If you want a similar look in a smaller room, you could look at a low poster bed. The idea here is similar to a four-poster bed but as the name suggests, the posts are shorter. Some low poster beds may have taller posts at the back and shorter ones in front while others may have all four posts as low ones. Sometimes, they may be just a few inches tall.

Pencil Poster Bed

A pencil poster bed is another modern alternative to the classic poster bed. This too is suitable for smaller, more compact rooms. The difference here lies in the type of posts. They may be tall or short. Pencil poster beds have skinny posts in all 4 corners. This type of bed became very popular in the 18th century when people began to like a sleeker form.

 Half Poster Bed

If you’re looking for a wood bed design with a classic tone yet a modern edge, you should consider a half-poster bed. This isn’t half a bed- the mattress size stays the same but it does adjust the type and dimensions of the posts. The two posts at the back are tall but the two near the foot of the bed are shorter. Some of the beds with half posts have footboard posts so low that they barely skin the footboard.

Traditional Canopy Bed

A four-poster bed is closely related to a canopy bed. As the name suggests, a canopy bed has a canopy over the bed. This canopy is usually cut from a thin, light fabric that is supported by the four posters and sometimes, horizontal bars connecting the tops of these posts. Sometimes, the fabric may have a heavier trim to make sure it falls evenly. Modern-day variants of this style of bed may also use a net material for the canopy. Of course, the style works only when the 4 posts are of equal heights.

Contemporary Canopy Bed

Contemporary canopy beds are almost identical to traditional canopy beds except that they are designed with slimmer and sleeker posts. The frame is very thin and sometimes, it doesn’t have a canopy over it. At other times, a fabric canopy may cover the bed but it may be anchored from the ceiling to keep the pressure off the posts and horizontal beams. The lightness of the frame makes it suitable for more compact rooms.

Half Tester Bed

Half tester beds are similar to four-poster beds but they have a unique identity of their own. The beds have 4 posts but all 4 posts are not at the 4 corners. There is a post at each corner beside the headboard but none besides the footboard. The other two posts are just about a foot away from the two posts at the headboard corners. The four posts are connected at the top and sometimes at the bottom with intricate panels. In some cases, light flowy curtains may be used to create a half canopy around the headboard. These types of variants to the poster bed are often seen in older homes from the late 1700s.

Finding the perfect wood bed design

Once you know the type of bed you want, it becomes about where to get it from. Today, you can shop for furniture the traditional way by going from shop to shop or you can buy furniture online. The latter is of course more comfortable and convenient. You get to see more designs and they get delivered to your home. When you shop online, you need to consider more than just the design. You need to read through the other pages of the website as well to ensure that the company uses good quality wood treats it well for protection against pests and moisture. Also, check their sales policies to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

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