Why is my totolink wireless extender not extending the network?

Totolink extender is the best that has many advanced features and it will boost the signal range coverage. It provides you seamless network and wide coverage in your house. This is not just an extender that will only extend the network, it will work as a mesh point. Moreover the totolink wireless extender comes along with a touch screen display. It provides you a high range coverage by covering all the dead zones areas. In order to complete the totolink wireless extender setup you must need to manage the settings in the administration login panel. 

Living in a big house? Not getting proper wireless range of your wireless network? Not to worry, the totolink range extender is the best for you. It will provide you seamless network coverage. In order to complete the setup you can use login, it will redirect you to the login panel. You can use “ADMIN” as a default username or password. This is a dual band extender that has many features. It provides you 2.4ghz frequency with 300mbps speed and in 5ghz frequency 1200mbps speed. You can easily configure your extender just by using WPS method or online browsing. 

Totolink wireless extender not extending network how to fix it?

This problem can be raised due to many reasons. Sometimes if your extender is not connected properly with the electrical outlet it may cause an error. Check whether the internet connection of your wireless router is working or not. If your extender is connected with the wireless router but there is “No Internet” then it may cause errors. If you are using a wired connection be sure that the ethernet cable is connected properly to each other devices. So here are some reasons why user’s must face this kind of problems : 

  • Extender is not in the range of wireless router.
  • Totolink wireless extender not powered “ON”
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Wires not connected properly.

In order to fix these issues you can follow the given instructions.

Place router in range of extender

During setting up your extender, If you decided and placed your extender so far from the router. Then due to poor internet connectivity it may cause not working problem. Place your extender near the router and in the ventilated area. Be sure that the electric socket is working properly, In which you inserted the router power adapter. If it’s connected loosely or not powered “ON” then your extender will not work. You can check the LED indicator to know the status of your extender. 

Connect and check all the connected wires 

If you are using a wired connection, You must need to be sure that your device is properly connected with the ethernet cable. If your device is too far from the wireless extender and not connected properly with ethernet connection. Then it may cause problems, In order to fix this you must check all the wires. Those connected with the extenders are attached properly. 

Poor internet connection

If your wireless router is not connected with the totolink wireless extender. Then it will not extend the network of your router. In order to fix this issue. You must check that your wireless router is connected through the extender. Sometimes a poor internet connection may also create these kinds of issues. You can contact your ISP for slow connection and can manage your internet package. 

Perform a hard reset

If all the steps given above did not work. And still facing the same issue, Then you will need to power off your device and wait for some time then restart it.  Sometimes the reboot process will work and your extender starts to work.

Steps – 

Simply power ‘ON” your wireless extender then wait for some time. Use a sharp pin or paper clip and press the “RESET” button for 20 seconds. Release it when the LED indicators start to blink randomly. After some time your extender will automatically reset and all the settings will be set as default. Be sure that after resetting your extender. All the settings will change and set as default. 

You must reset your wireless extender once again after completing a hard reset. If still the problem is not solved. Then there may be high chances that your extender is damaged physically. You can replace it by visiting the nearest store.

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