Why Do I Need Rules of Halfway House in Indiana?

Somebody has said, “The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules.” Unfortunately, addiction takes away much of your life’s sense. An addict may surely live without rules but often does not behave in a sensible manner. 

When you are sensible, take up responsibilities, have self-discipline, and know what you want out of life, you hardly need rules! 

Alas, drug and alcohol addicts are miles away from the above things. Addicts aren’t born this way. They become. These are people who were once sensible. Drugs made them erratic. 

Halfway house rules in Indiana are for recovering addicts who wish to rebound to their original selves. They wish to live sensibly again. For that, they must undergo a strict time in a house to let go of the irrational habits they embraced for so long. 

The rules help to fine-tune their personality. 

Are the rules of a house suffocating?

It depends on your perspective. If you take this as a punishment, you would dread each day in the house. If you take this as an opportunity to rediscover your true self, you can bring an amazing transformation in yourself. 

Nobody likes rules. But they go a long way in shaping human behavior. We have rules in school, university, on the road, and in society, and in families. They inculcate a sense of discipline in people. When you follow rules, you learn to be responsible. You learn a certain behavior. Once you learn it, you need no rules. You automatically behave in that manner. 

Addicts know no sobriety. Halfway house teaches them how to live sober 24×7. Without rules, it’s impossible. 

Once people living in the house become accustomed to round-the-clock sobriety, they find it easy to continue living sober further in life. 

You might find rules of halfway houses in Indiana suffocating; but only initially. As it is said, it is the first step that is difficult. 

What are the basic rules?

Every house has its own set of rules, but certain rules are common in all houses. They are:

  • You must stay sober 24×7
  • You must follow the curfew
  • You must live in peace with other members
  • You must do the chores assigned to you
  • You must attend all meetings and sessions 
  • No illegal activity, violence, weapon, or overnight friends from outside are allowed
  • You must undergo random alcohol and drug tests

Addicts with a dream of sober living must reside in a house for several months or over a year to fulfill their dream. 

It does not matter whether you were an addict for decades. Your life hits ‘change’ the day you decide to quit drugs or alcohol. It’s all about making up the mind. Leave the rest to specialists. 

The world has many options for addicts who want to De-addict. There are detox programs, rehab programs, sober living homes, AA meetings, therapy sessions, sponsors, and so on. 

It all starts with you. 

Do you want to change? 

If yes, then you can.

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