How to Catch Signs of Heroin Addiction That Indicate Need for Drug Rehab in Oklahoma

Drug addicts seldom talk about their addiction. Many blatantly deny having an addiction. You would realize it’s vain to talk to an addict about their drug abuse. Instead, you must catch signs and symptoms that indicate abuse and then confront them. This would also aid you in getting help, which you must. It is hard for drug addicts to become sober on their own.  Also check online suboxone doctors.

According to Oklahoma drug rehab specialists, one of the unfortunate things about drug addiction is the alteration in the behavior of an addict. A person who was once happy and responsible turns into a depressive maniac with a constant urge to cheat, lie, and steal to get their drugs. 

Catching signs of heroin addiction 

You need not learn the skills of a detective to catch signs of heroin addiction. Moreover, experts warn against doing anything risky that puts you or your addicted loved one in danger. At times, a simple confrontation may turn nasty, as the addict may try to defend and can go to any lengths to prove their innocence. 

If you are suspicious of your loved one being a heroin addict, worry not. First, observe their behavior. Drugs alter the brain in such a manner that, no matter how hard an addict tries to hide his/her addiction, their behavior gives them away. 

Next, observe their room or belongings. Do this when they are not around. Heroin addicts usually have paraphernalia that indicates addiction. They need certain tools and items to snort, inject, or smoke the drug. 

Once you are sure they are into heroin, call the addiction hotline. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs. It is nearly impossible for an addict to withdraw from heroin by his/her own will. You must coax them to a rehab. 

Heroin paraphernalia to look out for:

  • Tiny plastic bags, which may contain tan or white powdery substances inside. 
  • The residue of some powder, white or tan in shade. 
  • Burnt spoons.
  • Tiny glass pipes.
  • Syringes.
  • Dark brown or black or gray residue, which is sticky.
  • Empty pens or straws.
  • Rubber tubing.
  • Cut aluminum cans.
  • Burnt aluminum foil. 
  • Tiny paper wrappers in white. They may carry words or images printed on them. 
  • Tiny tea candles
  • Cut-apart coke cans

Understanding the paraphernalia

Rubber tubing, syringes, and burnt spoons indicate that the person injects heroin. To do this, first, you must dissolve heroin in water. This is done through heating. So, a person may use small cans to heat the drug. 

The presence of the above list of items in a person’s room or bag clearly indicates heroin use. They need drug rehab immediately. 

You may also come across cotton balls and swabs, cigarette filters, or tampons that are often used as filters when an addict draws heroin in a syringe. However, these items may not give an obvious indication because cotton can be used for other purposes too. 

If you see tiny glass pipes or aluminum foil, know that your loved one is smoking heroin. When heroin is vaporized, it does not get burned. Instead, it turns into a sticky, tanned substance resembling burned oil. 

If you find rolled-up paper, hollow pens, or cut straws, your loved one is snorting heroin. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, so don’t attempt to treat addiction on your own.

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