What to Wear to a Catholic Wedding: A Guide for Guests

Every wedding guest must know what to wear to a Catholic wedding, which entails observing modesty and avoiding possibly offensive attire. We’ll go over these two points in greater depth further down on what to wear and what not to.

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What to wear 

  • Check the dress code on the wedding invitation to see what the couple expects from their guests.
  • To figure out what colors to wear, look at the color scheme on the invitation.
  • Expect a formal clothing requirement at Catholic weddings, which are typically conducted in churches.
  • Avoid wearing clothes that expose the neckline, chest, or shoulders; if necessary, cover up with a shawl, blazer, or jacket. Prefer wearing clothes of modest length or catholic apparel, both for men and women.
  • Consider wearing modest heels for women and close-toed shoes for males.

What to avoid 

  • Choose neutral colors rather than strong tones that will draw attention to you.
  • In a Catholic wedding, don’t go overboard with the makeup and accessories.
  • Follow the standard wedding etiquette of not wearing white because it is the bride’s color.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that may draw attention away from the bride and groom.
  • Assume that t-shirts, jeans, and graphic tees are not acceptable attire for a Catholic wedding.
  • Consider having your clothes altered to ensure that they fit correctly, but avoid wearing clothing that is too tight.

Do weddings have a dress code? 

Although the Catholic church does not have a formal dress code, it is assumed that you must dress appropriately when entering the church. If you’re attending a Catholic wedding, for example, expect a full mass and communion, so don’t wear anything that could be considered offensive.

As a result, the Catholic church’s dress code includes a mix of formal and semi-formal attire. A collared shirt with slacks is an example of men’s clothing, while ladies can choose modest skirts or pantsuits.

With this in mind, do not enter the Catholic church wearing sports or fitness attire such as jerseys, running shorts, or yoga pants. Tank tops, sleeveless tops, plunging blouses, off-shoulder blouses, and bold T-shirts are also too provocative.

Men’s dress code 

When attending a Catholic wedding, male attendees usually wear a simple shirt and tie. A suit, if possible, would be preferable because it is more formal.

To show respect, avoid wearing anything that exposes the arms, legs, or feet. Wearing a hat to a Catholic wedding is likewise prohibited.

Women’s dress code 

A midi dress with a shawl or jacket to cover the shoulders and chest can be worn by female wedding guests at a Catholic wedding if the dress has a lower neckline. They can also assume that shorts or other apparel that expose the thighs when sitting down is undesirable.

As a symbol of respect to the bride, female visitors should never wear white or other comparable hues. And, as with previous weddings, don’t wear the same color as the wedding party to make you stand out from the crowd.

Black clothes? 

If it’s not a full-on black-only affair, you can wear black to a Catholic wedding. It’s best to add some more neutral colors to the ensemble to keep it from seeming too drab.

You can always verify with the pair if you’re unsure. Remember that some people connect black with mourning or bad luck, so discuss your color choice with the hosts.

Because Catholic weddings are sometimes formal or black-tie affairs, black suits, and dresses are allowed for attendees. For the nighttime reception, black is also a popular color choice.

Red color 

Inside the Catholic church, no particular restrictions are prohibiting the wearing of red. Red, on the other hand, is too striking a color option for any wedding guest.

Keep in mind that humility and subtlety are important because red is a striking hue. If it’s part of the color scheme and you get the go OK from the couple, deeper hues of red are still an excellent choice because they’re less attention-grabbing than bright reds.

Do you know that some brides choose to wear a gown with a red on it? So discuss it with the couple if you want.  

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Although wearing sandals is not prohibited in the Catholic church, it may be inappropriate if you are attending a wedding with a formal dress code. Avoid sandals that resemble flip-flops with straps and opt for those that are more on the semi-casual side.


Was this information useful? We’ve discussed how to dress modestly for a Catholic wedding and how to avoid possibly offensive clothing items.

To summarise, avoid wearing anything plunging, displaying the shoulders, being excessively short, or having bright colors. Of course, you should double-check the dress code on your invitation or ask the couple whether what you’re wearing is OK. Are you searching for a shop for religious clothing? Search no more Catholic Connect Shop is the best place to visit. 

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