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What to Know Before Setting Up a Car Garage in Dubai?

Every skilled car mechanic secretly wishes to open their car garage. Materializing this wish involves an adequate skill set, knowledge, and resources that come after sheer amounts of hard work and determination.

Since the Dubai automobile market is beaming with numerous car types and models, the car mechanic needs an ample amount of knowledge to cater to the need. One approach-works-for-all may not work at all. Instead, a customized and tailored methodology will pay off that gets the work done and also wins customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, setting up a cars garage in Dubai can turn out to be a daunting task. Termed as the graveyard of exotic cars, this emirate features the most number of luxury cars in one city. In turn, car mechanics tend to witness a wide variety of car types daily. As a result, they need to put more effort into setting up their repair service center.

With that, here is a look at some of the important aspects that will help you in establishing the garage adequately. Let’s take a look at them in detail:


Choosing the right location is the first step in setting up the business. Make sure your location is accessible for the clients. It should be able to house the client’s vehicles, parking areas, reception and waiting areas, and even hygiene facilities like washrooms and toilets. The inclusion of a small meeting room and some refreshments allows the owner to float a sense of value in taking care of the car and its owner alike.

In addition to this, make sure your location supports the establishment of vehicle repair shops. This quickens up the process of starting the business, without incurring any delays or changes at all.


Garage insurances protect the garage owners from bearing heavy damages and losses on their own. Customer slips, damages, and even the smallest risks can bring lawsuits causing effects beyond repairs. Therefore, getting garage insurance can protect you from all such unfortunate instances.

These include trade plate vehicle insurance, building insurance, employers liability insurance, public liability insurance. Signing up for such insurances allows the businesses to keep working and progressing, all while handling the damage and repair costs.


Budget remains the core ingredient of any business to start. Proper grip in managing the garage finances allows the business owners to set plans and achieve the financial commitments accordingly. Nevertheless, there is a long list of garage overheads that are fixed and keep running. Rental payments, utility bills, employee’s salaries, material costs, insurance costs will keep on coming. Therefore, the businesses keep control of their budget and ensure the business finances don’t choke!

Record Keeping

Garages constitute a variety of services, encapsulating all sorts and sizes. From changing a single nut or bolt to revamping the major system, car garages can do it all. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a detailed record of all the services provided. Clients range from getting single purchases to multiple ones, and managing the invoices can get tricky. Yet the ones who handle it perfectly well, save themselves and fulfill their financial commitments.

Staying up with a structured record-keeping process allows the businesses to keep track of all the records in the accounting software and acing the audit later on. Along with that, all the managing and sorting work completes in chunks, avoiding stress and masses of paperwork.

Customer Service

The last few years have worked to establish customer service as the king. And surely anyone who can make the most out of it sets a safe path for their businesses. That too, while enticing new customers and retaining the old ones. The loyal customers convert to become brand ambassadors and bring in more customers via word-of-mouth.

Remaining transparent and staying in a loop with the customers, makes them realize how important they are towards the business. They also recognize the value, attention, and services, while developing faith and confidence, and coming back to avail more of it.

Courtesy Cars

Courtesy cars remain one of the most attractive perks of any repair shop. During this time, when the car is being repaired, the clients can get a courtesy car to drive themselves to routine work. It allows them to continue with their tasks and everyday life, without coming to a halt. This facilitates the clients while getting their work done in the best possible manner and strengthening the brand-client bond.

The Takeaway

Vehicles are an important commodity that allows one to keep up with the pace of our routines. Establishing car workshops in Dubai can be a tough task, yet it continues to soar up, for as long as the cars are being manufactured and kept in use. So, why not invest in this business and make the most out of it.

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