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What to combine with a leather jacket for a man

The skin sends a signal of strength and masculinity. Girls and women consider leather jackets to be an attractive piece of men’s wardrobe. The right leather jacket can look and feel chic. In addition, a high-quality leather jacket with a careful attitude can serve for many years, and at the same time remain in fashion. Therefore, the purchase will be the most profitable investment.

Leather Jacket Styles

  • Leather jackets. Classic style for bikers. High belt line. Provides freedom of movement. A double layer of leather on the front will keep the wind out.
  • Racing jacket. No epaulets and no belt at the bottom.
    Bomber jacket and aviator jacket. Elasticated waist and sleeves. There is often a collar and two large pockets.
  • Aviator jacket
  • Field jacket. Came from the army, a lot of patch pockets. Loose long style jacket without elastic bands on the sleeves and belt.
  • Men’s leather jackets
  • Leather jacket.
  • Men’s fashion
  • Leather coat.

How to choose a leather jacket?


Make sure the jacket fits properly. Place your arms as if you were on a motorcycle, extend your arms to the sides, nothing should restrict movement. A fist should go between the jacket and the body. When the arms are down, the sleeves do not cover the hands and should not be raised high. Customizing a leather jacket is as difficult as possible. Be sure to buy a leather jacket that will fit well in your shoulders; it is almost impossible to fit your shoulders to size. The skin will adjust to the figure over time, after about 100, the sock will shrink.


A leather jacket will give shape to the body, masculinity – to look, increase the shoulders, make the waist thinner. Leather jackets are often padded to increase the shoulders. This makes the male figure attractive. Consider your body type when shopping for a jacket. Shortened jackets look better, long jackets should be avoided. A thin man should refuse aviator jackets. Short jackets are more suitable for short men. Tall and large, you can choose slightly elongated jackets.

Material and tailoring

For sewing, dense and soft leather, suede is used. Tight skin is the top layer of the skin. Soft leather – sanded, easier to color and shine. Suede is made from the bottom layer of leather. It is not durable, it absorbs moisture, but if you follow it, the suede looks beautiful.

Depending on the type of leather, the price of the jacket increases. The price often depends on the manufacturer, but it is not a fact that its quality always depends on the manufacturer. Cow leather is a classic. Lamb is more and more popular, lamb skin is soft and affordable. The most expensive jackets are made from the finest leathers. Better not to buy a faux leather jacket. Pay attention to the sewing, how the edges are processed, the seams, how the zipper goes. It is important to negotiate a return, as problems may arise after a month of wearing. Pay attention to the lining. Pay attention to the fittings. The heavier the lock, the higher the quality.

How to repair a leather jacket?

Stains, fading and cracks can appear on a leather jacket over time. The skin has two enemies – water and heat. Moisture washes away natural oils and cracks may appear on the skin. Do not throw leather into the dryer. Dry your jacket on a wide hanger. To wash your jacket, dampen a microfiber cloth with water and wipe the garment once a month. Wipe with mineral water, not running water. If the jacket is dirty, use a leather cleaner. Test all funds on the wrong side. The product should not leave stains.

If stains appear on the leather jacket, some of the stains can be removed at home. Fat can be removed with a dish soap, you do not need to rub it, then remove the soap from the jacket with a damp cloth, then dry the skin with a dry cloth. You can use a stain remover for leather, rub into the stain in a circular motion. If the stain persists, take it to a dry cleaner that specializes in leather work.

Stain remover for leather

Many jackets fade over time. The scuffs look good, but they can make the jacket torn over time. Use a leather conditioner, apply and let it absorb. Be sure to apply conditioner after drying and working with stain remover. It is enough to use the air conditioner once a year. In humid or dry climates, you can use the air conditioner 3 times a year.

A cream of the same color as the jacket will help restore the color of the leather jacket. The main rule is that the less cream you apply at once, the better. Smear problem areas gradually in a circular motion. The cream can even change the color of the jacket completely.

Protect leather and suede from moisture moisture-proof spray, use in a ventilated area. Wait 12 hours before wearing the jacket after using the spray.

Leather or denim jacket. Which is better?

The denim jacket is versatile and will match most items in your wardrobe. Versatility is the middle name of the denim jacket. Suitable for chinos, wide leg pants, jeans of any color. Suitable for layered looks. You can put on another jacket on top of a denim jacket. The denim jacket is durable, only mold is dangerous for it. Denim jacket made of cotton, it is inexpensive. Many companies make denim jackets. Do not wash this garment too often, it may lose its shape during washing.

Leather blends with casual and formal wear. But you can’t put anything on top of a leather jacket, it will be the top layer. You can look chic in a leather jacket. Leather was used earlier as armor, it could even repel the blows of swords. The bikers’ leather jacket can protect against stone blows on the roads. It is very durable. A leather jacket is expensive, but you shouldn’t skimp on quality. A leather jacket makes the shoulders wider, the waist narrower, it makes the figure masculine, a man in leather looks attractive. You need to take care of your leather jacket, get a conditioner, do not put the jacket on hot after rain, apply lotion, keep the skin moist. A leather jacket will protect you from rain and wind.

Tips for thin men

A leather jacket can make a man’s figure look larger, but other techniques are also suitable for this purpose.

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