08 Things to Know Before Visiting Pakistan

Visiting Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country with plenty of awe-aspiring landscapes, exuberant beaches, breath-taking experiences, gusto food, remarkable hospitality, diverse culture, vibrant colours, and much more. Pakistan is an amazing land to visit if a tourist is looking for a whole package trip. There is so much to discover in this splendid piece of land. In recent years, a great number of tourists get attract to Pakistan to explore its beauty.
Pakistan is truly remarkable but every culture and territory has its customs and norms that are better to followed. So, if you are planning to visiting Pakistan by Airsial in the coming months, there are some of the things you should know beforehand.

Here are the 08 most important things that you should know before visiting Pakistan.

Plan your trip

This tip applies to the visit to every country; you should plan your voyage so that it will be all fun and not a search hunt of where to stay, what to visit, and what to do. Countries like Pakistan gives tourists enormous options to tour. From hottest desserts to coldest northern regions, tourists should pack their luggage following the weather of the region they are visiting. Summers bring relentless heat to almost all of the country except the northern areas that proffer a blissful treat from the scorching heat. That is the reason, a foreign tourist will find a great number of natives in northern areas in Summers, especially in June, July, and August (as they are Summer holidays months for the whole country). winters are pleasant and give you a chance to enjoy a hot cup of coffee whilst sitting around a heater or a bonfire.

Pack accordingly

From hottest Summers to coldest Winters and rainiest Monsoons, Pakistan is a country bless with many seasons. As there is diversity in its weather, tourists should pack their luggage accordingly. Packing stuff like sweaters, shawls, scarves, socks etc. for winters recommended. Packing very light clothes for summer would save you from scorching heat.

Be aware of cultural sensitivities

Some of the regions in the world are very sensitive about their culture and religion whereas others are not. Pakistan pertains to the former category. Pakistanis are very religious people and are very firm about their cultural boundaries and norms. The natives of Pakistan are very hospitable and welcoming but they do not like their cultural boundaries crossed. So, whenever you are in Pakistan, make sure you are following norms and being aware of the cultural boundaries. For instance, Pakistan is an Islamic country so wearing short dresses is not appreciate at all. try to wear appropriate clothes. Also, try to learn some basic eating norms so that you will not found very peculiar from the rest.

Carry cash

Pakistan is still into the transition of papered to paperless and therefore cards may not used everywhere you go especially the northern areas that are still making progress in technology and advancement. Carry some cash so that you can pay easily even if your card does not work.

However, in modern cities like Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, card usage is no big deal and almost all of the marts, malls, shops, hotels, and restaurants accept the card.

You can bargain

Pakistan is an amazing country with a lot of amusing things to enjoy, one being the bargain. Pakistanis love to bargain on every nook and cranny, on anything they buy (except on brands where prices fixed). So, tourists should know that they can bargain and lower the fares a lot. Be ready to spend some of your time bargaining at each stop you make. If you have a local guide then bargaining would be easier.

There are regions where locals overwhelmed when they see a person of their cast and language. For instance, if you are visiting Peshawar which is known for remarkably amazing fabric and you have a local guide who is Pashtoon and can speak fluent Pashto then there is a high chance that you will get a lot of discounts.

No alcohol is allowed

Almost 98% of Pakistan’s population is Muslim. The country’s constitution is based on Islamic rules, laws, and norms. Alcohol and pork are strictly prohibited in Islam so drinking or eating pork is also not allowed in the country. tourists cannot find alcohol easily. However, certain shops are being granted permits by the government for non-Muslims where they can buy drinks. So, you can buy alcohol from these shops but drinking in public is not allowed.

Some Urdu can help

Although most Pakistanis know basic English, learning some Urdu can help you a lot especially in northern areas where natives are not much educated. Try to learn some basic Urdu phrases so that you can communicate without a guide or if your guide is not with you.

Take advantage of Pakistanis hospitality

Rating Pakistanis as the most generous with Disinfectant Spray and hospitable nation in the world would not be an exaggeration at all; Pakistanis are very friendly and hospitable people who warmly welcome you to their country. they see every foreign as their guest and many of the time the shopkeeper don’t even accept payments for the things you buy or the food you eat as they will consider you as a guest. Be generous to them back and enjoy their hospitality.

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