Top 5 Highest Paid Cyberplayers

Cyber players are professional gamers who have honed the skill of video gaming and go toe-to-toe against other professionals worldwide. They are brilliant minds that win tournament accolades and money for out-strategizing their opponents in a video game. Cyber players could play and win alone or as a team. Esports and cyber gaming started in 2010 and have rapidly grown since then. Nowadays, there are new competitions from time to time with even bigger cash prizes to win. Register and claim your Vulkan Bet bonus to play thrilling eSports games.

Another advantage is easy access to a fantastic selection of games. Whether you prefer FIFA, Call of Duty, or some PC games like CS: GO and Dota, you can gain instant access online. Cybergaming is very lucrative and beginning to gather serious traction. Whether the gamer plays solo or alongside a team, there’s always a chance to earn a lot. The winning earnings at the highest levels can run into thousands or millions of dollars for the very best players. This article is about the top 5 earners in this sport, with information on their in-game monikers, teams played for, nationality, and overall earnings.

1.   Johan Sundstein

Johan Sundstein goes by the alias N0tail and is one of the top earners, if not the highest-paid cyber gamer today. Johan is from Denmark and has made money playing professional Dota 2, with his overall earnings at $3 752, 055.59. He earned $17 092 in 2020, $17 000 in 2019 and $2 282,716 in 2018. Furthermore, Johan plays Dota 2 for Team OG and has won an international tournament twice. He is the highest-paid cyber player from Denmark at 25 years old. Also, he was a defending champion of The International Competition in 2019, along with his OG teammates.

2.   Jesse Vainikka

Jesse Vainikka is a top-earning professional Cyber player from Finland. The Dota 2 player’s overall earnings stand at $3,323,463.82. He earned $548,76 through prize money in 2020 and $17,000 in 2019. Vainikka’s earning peak was in 2018 when he won $2,290,631.60, owing to his prowess in Dota 2. Vainikka goes by the nickname JerAx, and he is pretty popular in the Dota 2 world, having played for two renowned teams, such as Team Liquid. He left before they won the 2017 International Championship and joined Team OG in 2018, where he won the International Championship competition in 2019.

3.   Anathan Pham

Anathan Pham has been a Team OG’s Dota Squad member since 2017, where he plays as a position 1 aggressor. Pham is one of the highest-earning esports gamers in the world, with multiple accolades to his name too. When he won The International Championship in 2019, the prize winnings were $3,124,036. Anathan is the most accomplished member of this sport because he has won it the most time and also earned the most from it. You can learn a lot about the game and claim the bonus at the casino site.

4.   Topias Taavitsainen

Topias Taavitsainen is a top-earning cyber player from Finland who has earned $5,419, 538.17 in prize money from playing Dota 2. Topias is a pioneer member of the OG Squad, going by the alias Topson. This pro has won every major tournament since 2018. His 2020 earnings were $5,092, $3,163,536.20 in 2019, $2,249,841.60 in 2018, and $3,124,036.20 at the International 2019. Team OG has won every major Dota 2 Tournament since 2018, so he has been earning big since then, and they are currently the top-rated Dota 2 team. You can learn more about this talented player on our page.

5.   Amer Al-Barkawi

Amer Al-Barkawi goes by the alias Miracle and is a top cyber player, earning at the biggest Dota 2 stages. The Jordanian has earned a whopping total of $3,730,337. 28 playing for the two most successful Dota 2 teams, Team Liquid and Team OG. Miracle plays a carry role and earned $29,000 for professional gaming in 2019 and $640,150.40 in 2018. Amer is well-respected by other punters owing to his expert skill. You can adopt some plays to gain an advantage over your opponents.


The world of professional online gaming has continued to grow, and there are always new competitions happening at different times throughout the year. It is no news that the PC game Dota 2 seems to be the most lucrative of esports. This list has highlighted the top five earners from this sport and given insight into how much they have earned in their time playing.

If you wish to know more about a particular player, most of the men on this list still actively play. You could look up a particular player further or follow his social media handles if accessible. Professional cyber gaming is very lucrative, and if you are a decent player wondering if you can earn from playing, then this article might be your cue to take it a bit more seriously.

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