Top 10 websites to check live lottery result in India

Today, online lottery platforms have gained peak popularity. The mere fact that online lottery platforms offer a myriad of bonuses to the users is enough to keep them hooked into investing at these platforms. However, not all online lottery platforms are reliable for kickstarting your journey of playing lotteries and lottery results. Moreover, only a handful of platforms are genuinely authentic. Read ahead to find a curated list of websites that you can check out for playing lottery games. is a unique platform that offers the jackpot results for every possible lottery result worldwide. Along with giving you detailed insights into international lotteries, Jackpot Results is quite an ideal choice for availing multiple offers and explicitly supportive customer services.


LottoLand is a pioneer in the production of a few of the most top-notch lottery games. Along with offering lotteries of over $121 million, you can rely on this website by all means. A few of its focal features include- safe and secure platform, accessible through mobiles, and massive rewards. 

Minnesota Lottery Home 

Minnesota Lottery home is an industry-leading platform offering lottery results from over many highly competitive platforms across the world. 


Lotto247, as the name suggests, is a unique online platform dedicated to serving its customers 24/7. Along with offering a wide range of benefits to its users, Lotto247 gives you a chance at accessing different lottery results with ease. 


LottoKings is a cutting-edge online platform offering a multitude of services to its customers. Along with this, a few other features of the platform include- impressive catalog, mobile-compatible, and safe, and credible. 

Multi Lotto 

Multi Lotto is a multi-purpose app that offers a few of the most intriguing perks to its users. Along with providing international lottery results, Multi Lotto is safe to use, mobile compatible and even offers top lotteries. 


NetBet is another explicitly unique and remarkable online platform featuring a few of the most phenomenal services. This platform has got you covered from the massive catalog, mobile-friendly properties, and even 24/7 customer care services. 

Play Huge Lottos 

Play Huge Lottos is the one-stop solution to check out the live lottery result today. The platform is vast and gives you great insights into different live lottery result details and other relevant information. is dedicated to offering a few essential services to its users, and living lottery result insights. Besides, high-quality customer care services are something you don’t want to miss out on. 

Lotto Smile 

The last platform on this list is the Lotto Smile. With a well-equipped team of professionals aiming to help you ease your online lottery journey, Lotto Smile gives you access to checking live lottery results today. 

Wrapping It Up

All of the websites, as mentioned above, are quite reliable for checking the lottery results. However, you must ensure spending a significant amount of time studying these platforms before choosing them. Happy gaming!

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