Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About MBBS In Kazakhstan

MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine surgery is a professional degree in the field of Medical Science. It is a course approximately of 5 year duration.

MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine surgery is a professional degree in the field of Medical Science. It is a course approximately of 5 year duration. MBBS is considered one of the top most degrees throughout the world. Let us now talk about Doing MBBS in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a central asian country. Students who are thinking of studying MBBS abroad can go for it in Kazakhstan . As it offers MBBS courses at a very affordable and fair cost for students of all the countries.

MBBS in Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan is well known for offering MBBS courses to all the aspirants . There are many top universities / colleges In Kazakhstan which are recognised by WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC, NMC. MBBS degree in Kazakhstan is very immensely valued.

If you are thinking of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan then there are Five Things People Probably Don’t Know About MBBS In Kazakhstan. Want to know what these things are ? Don’t worry here in this article you will be able to know what those Five Things are ? And all about MBBS in Kazakhstan.

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Five Things You Probably Didn’t know about MBBS in Kazakhstan

1. Eligibility criteria

Students who are planning to take Admissions in Universities/ Colleges of Kazakhstan for studying MBBS should make sure that they meet the complete eligibility criteria set by the education system of Kazakhstan. The eligibility criteria is as follows –

  • The applicant Must have obtained minimum 50 %in PCB for general category and 40 % for OBC, SC,ST for Indian applicants – The Indian students who are planning to take Admissions in MBBS Kazakhstan should obtain 50 %in PCB i.e physics, chemistry , biology for general category and 40 % for SC,ST,OBC as per the NMC rule. Candidates below this eligibility criteria will not get admission in Kazakhstan.
  • Applicants Age – The applicant who wants to opt for MBBS in Kazakhstan should be 17 or above 17. Candidates below 17 are not allowed .
  • No entrance exam –  This is the best thing about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. Unlike other countries like India, USA here in Kazakhstan you don’t have to give any entrance test. You can directly take Admissions in the Universities/ colleges you want to just by obtaining the minimum marks required.
  • There’s no upper age limit – To study MBBS in Kazakhstan applications of any age above 17 are eligible to study in Kazakhstan.

2. Economical living cost

Studying abroad is not always so expensive just like in the case of Kazakhstan After taking admission in Kazakhstan for MBBS it is very important to research about the Accommodation facilities in Kazakhstan as just taking admission is not our goal. We need to figure out other things as well like we’re are we going to live ? What are the food facilities available to us? So, let us now know about the Accommodation facilities available in Kazakhstan .

  • There are standard hostel facilities available for students studying in Kazakhstan –
  • Every medical University offers 6 to 7 hostels to every international student .
  • Hostel facilities also Facilities like lodging, feeding and laundry with accommodation.
  • Usually, Students choose a hostel near the institute only as it saves a lot of time and travelling expenses.
  • The rooms for students are facilitated with bed, mattress, blanket and bed-sheet with in-built furniture.

So, these were the accommodation facilities available to any international student so, if you are thinking of taking admission in Kazakhstan for MBBS then you don’t have to worry about accommodation facilities .

3. Easy Admission procedure

By the way, taking admission in MBBS in Kazakhstan is very simple and considerably convient when compared to any other country . It also offers you with MBBS at a very reasonable cost. Also, students you cannot afford get fee scholarships. Kazakhstan is completely safe for Students coming from different countries . And they are offered with everything needed for their survival and comfort .

So, do not worry about the safety is you are thinking of taking admission in Kazakhstan but there is a particular admission procedure you need to follow like firstly you need to fill up the application form you want to take admission in and then wait for getting admission letter and Once you receive the admission letter you are good to go for submitting your passport for immigration process as there is no entrance exam conducted in Universities for taking admission.

So, you can directly get admission if you are eligible to take admission. At the time of admission you are required with few necessary documents like Photocopy of Passport,5 passport size photos, Birth certificate ,10th standard mark sheet ,12th standard Mark Sheets, Clearance Certificate from the side of Police (PCC, Obtained after Receiving Passport),etc.

4. Better Quality of Education

The syllabus of MBBS in Kazakhstan is full of hand on experiences in a real life situations and medical practices and practical knowledge and The top universities of Kazakhstan offers you with the learning from more than 50 years of experience in MBBS course at Kazakhstan. And studying MBBS for Indian students at the medical Colleges of Kazakhstan is a way to better option than studying in private med colleges by giving lakhs and lakhs of donations to them. They also lack in practical knowledge and quality of education when compared to MBBS in Kazakhstan. Getting a MBBS Degree from Kazakhstan from a top rated University with English medium courses ensures you with great career options. So,if you are planning to do MBBS from abroad think of going to Kazakhstan.

5. High safety and security

To take admission in any part of the world it is very important to check whether the country provided you the safety and security facilities or not . As taking admission to the top ranked University is just not the goal ,the environment , safety and security , everything matters a lot. One should do a complete 365° research before selecting any University/ college for further education. So, according to the surveys conducted by the Kazakhstan government has reported that India being ranked at the top among 50 countries for sending students to Kazakhstan for MBBS . The reports of this survey clearly provides us with the answer that Kazakhstan is highly safe and secure. So, when you are thinking of taking admission in Kazakhstan, do not worry about the safety and security guidelines.

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MBBS in Kazakhstan is a great choice for students who are aspiring to do MBBS from abroad. Especially for students who cannot bear the huge expenses of Donations being asked by Universities in countries like India, USA and you also need not to worry about the safety and security as Kazakhstan offers you with safe and secure environment with good quality education and with a practical experience and very easy admission procedure with no entrance test required what else will someone need . Kazakhstan offers you with everything that anyone needs for studying and surviving with all comfort facilities. So, Think of going to Kazakhstan, there’s not need to worry about anything go can go for it.

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