Things All Successful Music Producers Must Have to Sell Beats

There are a few things that all successful music producers must have to sell their beats. One of the most important is a state-of-the-art studio in which to create these tracks. A good microphone is also key, as well as beat-making or production software, high-quality computers and monitors, and great equipment for mixing tracks with. Having good equipment will help you produce better music, which will increase your chances of getting lucrative gigs in the future. All of these things are crucial to set as a music producer’s goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


1. Music Producers Need Quality Beats


If you want to get your music heard, you need to make sure that it is good. If you don’t produce good tracks, then people aren’t going to want to listen, and your music career will be much harder. Even if you are an amazing lyricist or vocalist or musician, if the music behind these tracks isn’t up to par, then no one will hear your work. You can have the best songs in the world, but if you don’t produce good beats then they won’t be worth any money.


2. DJs and Radio Stations Like This Type of Music


If your music producer’s goal is to get a track played on the radio or in a nightclub or club setting, then it has to follow certain rules. The first rule is that it has to be produced well. It isn’t, then it won’t get played. The second rule is that the song has to fit a certain genre. If it doesn’t fit this genre, then you won’t be able to get it on the radio or in clubs.


3. The Music Must Be Legal


Beats are supposed to be the instrumental tracks of music, but if they are illegally downloaded or sold online, then you could get into hot water with the Recording Industry Association or your state’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP). The RIA monitors all of the music that is heard and might use your illegal file to track you down. You could be sued, or worse, sent to prison.


4. The Music Has to Catch the Audience’s Attention


It needs to get people’s attention right away, so if your music producer goals are not catchy, you won’t catch anyone’s attention at all. Once you have their attention, though, you will be able to sell your music for money. Even if people love the style of your music and want to hear more from it, they are not going to purchase every song that they hear unless it is legitimately good. You need to make sure that your tracks are worth buying before someone buys them from you.


5. You Need to Build a Reputation


If you want to build a reputation, then you need to start making tracks that are worth hearing. This means that your music has to be catchy and it has to follow the rules of a genre or style. Once you have created these songs, people will start talking about them, which will get your name out there on social media. People are supposed to know when you create new music and what it sounds like before they buy it from you, so make sure that they have something good when they go up for sale.


6. Sell Beats on Your Website


The best places to sell beats online are your website and beat marketplaces like Beat Brokerz. You can also sell beats on your social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can only make so much money when you sell your music on these sites, though. If your music producer’s goals are to make a serious income selling beats, then you should create a website and post them directly on it.


7. Make Sure You Have Royalty-Free Music


Selling royalty-free music gives you the ability to use that specific track for anything that you want to use at any time that you want to use it. You can use it for a commercial, television or radio show, or even movie soundtracks. This means that if your music producer’s goals are to create music for a TV show and someone wants to use it in a commercial, then you can offer royalties for that. You can also use it for your creative work, such as film scores and even soundtracks.


8. Record Available Music For Your Website


There are many ways to sell music online that are freely available on the Internet without giving up any rights. One way to do this is through downloaded versions of songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. You should make sure that the track is available on your website because this will help to promote the track and increase its sales value. You are not going to be able to make a lot of money from these tracks, though.


9. Have a Portfolio on Your Website


A portfolio is necessary if the music producer’s goal is to sell music and get gigs in the future. This portfolio should include links to your social media profiles, website, and original music that you have made and sold. It can also include any original tracks that you have created for TV shows or games, as well as links for radio and club play of your tracks. If you don’t have a professional-looking website, then people will not take your music seriously. 


10. Building a Tribe of Music Artists


The best way to build a tribe of music artists is by putting your music online for free. You may want to do this if your music does not fit into any one genre or style. If you do this, then people will hear it and start following you on social media. They will keep following you and eventually buy your tracks from you because they like them. The more people that buy your tracks, the more money that you are going to make through sales, downloads, and radio play.


11. Promoting Your Music with Various Music Videos


You can use YouTube as a place to promote your music if you want, but getting people’s attention is going to be hard unless the track is catchy or unique in some way. You can make your music videos entertaining in some way, though, so that people will look at them. If you don’t have any original music that you are willing to promote, then back to step 10 again until you do.


12. Promoting Your Music on Social Media


You may want to put your music on social media platforms if it is unique or catchy enough to draw in followers. You should try and market these tracks with help from other people who already have their fans around the world. The music producer’s goals are to get more followers than your track has and the more likes or shares it gets, the more likely it is that you will be able to get these tracks out into clubs, radio broadcasts, and concerts around the world.


13. Avoiding Getting Ripped Off


You can easily check how much it costs to produce a composition before you pay anything, but this is not always the case. Make sure that you know what someone is selling your music for before you make a purchase, or at least ask in a public place where everyone can hear it if you are not too sure.


14. Money For Advertising Your Product


Some music producers aim to put out music that is so good that it would make sense for people in the music industry to use it in place of their own. If you have great music, then you should push it to your fans and ask them to share what they love about your track. This will give people ideas on how to promote your music and make money from it through advertising. If you do this, then the track can generate a lot of money for you fast, which can be a very good thing when times are hard for everyone. 


The music industry is a difficult one to break into because it has many pitfalls. To be successful, you need to do a lot of things to make sure that your music makes money for you. You need to create original music that people want to hear, make sure that it is of good quality, and then sell the songs when they are ready for sale. You should also back up your tracks with promotional material on social media so that people know about what you are doing. If you can do this well, then the music industry is going to give you a lot of money and work for you in return.


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