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The Top Benefits of Adding Timber Flooring to Your Home

When it comes to selecting the flooring during building or renovation, a timber flooring is often recommended as the best choice for many reasons.

A timber floor transforms a house into a home with its naturally warm vibe; additionally, timber floors, especially Australian hardwood timber flooring, offer a huge range as well as a broad choice of colours. Australian timber has a characteristic appearance not seen in timber from other sources, with the endless species ranging from Jarrah to Spotted Gum and Black Butt.

A high-quality timber floor offers several advantages to the home: It’s not only tougher and more durable than most other flooring products but also healthy, natural and easy to clean, unlike carpet floors that only trap dirt and allergens and have a short lifespan. A quality timber floor can last more than 100 years and can be repurpose at end-of-life. A carpeted floor will need to be replaced after an average lifecycle of 10 to 15 years.

Timber floors are also a more practical choice, especially when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning a timber floor is a relatively easy task, requiring an antistatic mop to collect dust and grit every week, and a damp mop every month using just mist water or a cleaning product approved by the coating company. Avoid wet mopping and steam mops to extend the life of the floor’s surface coating.

Following this simple cleaning regimen combined with using felt pads on furniture feet and mats at the entry to avoid deep scratches, will ensure longevity. At the most, the floor will just require a light scuff back and recoat after about 10 years.

Know ABout Natural Timber

Natural timber flooring is also an environment-friendly option as it’s not only more energy efficient than other surfaces but also uses less energy during production. Many Australian timber floors are sustainable as they are made using timber sourced from carefully managed Australian forests.

Timber stores carbon for life; by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, forests and wood products are helping mitigate climate change. A comparison of building materials will reveal that carbon emissions during timber production are less than 2 tonnes of CO² equivalent, while concrete equates to 12 tonnes, steel frames 11 tonnes and ceramic tiles 5 tonnes. Additionally, wood products break down naturally when disposed of, while carpet, vinyl or tiles will not.

If you are considering replacing the floors in your home, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the wide variety of options there are to choose from such as tile, carpet, and wood flooring. However, if you are looking for a flooring option that is beautiful and durable, you should take a moment to consider timber flooring. Here are just a few of the unique benefits timber floors can provide.

Timber is Long-Lasting

One of the primary advantages of the hardwood timber flooring is that these floors are extremely durable and long-lasting. While carpet will begin to look worn and dingy after a couple of years, and laminate flooring can easily get scratch and chip. Timber floors can last as long as the building they are in. Even if your hardwood floors get scratched, they can easily be sanded down and refinished, making them look new again.

Timber Flooring is Easy to Clean

Another benefit of timber floors is that they are extremely easy to keep clean. All they will require is regular sweeping and mopping to keep them looking clean and new. In fact, one of the benefits of hardwood over other flooring options is that they do not trap dirt, dust, and allergens as carpet does. Even tile can be difficult to keep clean due to the dirt that can get trap in the grout. This makes timber floors a more hygienic option for your home.

Timber Flooring Brings Warmth

Timber floors can transform a home by bringing natural warmth and beauty to home. Unlike tile, which can make a home feel cold and dark, or carpet, which often looks outdated, timber flooring offers timeless beauty. Additionally, timber floors come in a variety of options, ensuring that there is a style that will fit your home.

While it can be difficult to choose new flooring during a remodel. Timber brings the durability and beauty many homeowners are looking for. Contact Handyman Perth to learn more about the unique benefits timber hardwood flooring could bring to your home.

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