The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Road Traffic Accidents

Accidents are the most unfortunate and frequent cause of death worldwide. Road traffic accidents are the cause of about 1.3 million people’s death and 50 million people’s injuries. Avoiding a road accident is somehow inevitable but taking some precautions can minimise the risk to the minimum.

Here are the best pieces of advice or ways to avoid road traffic accidents.

Right decision at the right time

Making the right decision at the right time is required in every sector of your life and driving is also one of them. There are many times on the road when a driver needs to make the right cut or right turn to avoid an accident. Know the right timing and save you and others by making the right decision.
The right attitude towards driving

The right attitude towards driving is extremely important as many teen accidents are a result of a bad attitude towards driving. Young drivers show an immature attitude towards driving despite skills and knowledge. Practising a responsible attitude towards driving can save many including yourself.

Don’t speed up!

Speed limits are made for a reason. You find speed limit signs from place to place reminding you to slow down as over speed never turns out to be good. Speed signs inform you of the safest speed at a particular place such as in school areas, sharp turns, heavy traffic, uneven road or more so that you can never be the subject of an accident. Speeding up slows your reaction time to the road situation, leading to the feasible risk of an accident.

Don’t break signals

Just like speed signs, road signals are made too for your safety. Running a red light or stop signs is the most foolish of all decisions as by doing this, you not only endanger yourself but others too. Drivers who break signal and run stop signs are at a high risk of causing wrongful death because they often cause side-impact and rollover collisions due to high speed. To avoid an accident, always obey traffic rules and signs and never break the signal.

Practice makes a man perfect

Learning to drive is not enough but practising it is also necessary to be a responsible driver. Learn to be active during driving, not only physically but also mentally.

Fasten seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt can reduce the risk of a major injury to many folds. Several studies have proved that passengers who don’t fasten seatbelts are more likely to suffer from a major injury during a road accident than people who fast seatbelts. Make a firm habit to wear a seatbelt whenever you place a foot in the car. Whether driving or not, make sure to wear a seatbelt so that you can avoid any big harm.

Avoid driving if fatigued

Accidents under the influence of fatigue or sleep are most common. Drivers who are tired, restless, or sleepless are more subjected to accidents than others. When you are on road, make sure you are mentally active and no other situation is impairing your judgement or reaction time to any change on the road.

Keep the right number of passengers in the car

A normal car can accommodate 5 passengers in total, one driver and 4 other passengers. Increasing the number of people in the car more than the mentioned number can increase the risk of a fatal Vehicle Damage Claims. Limit your passengers and enhance the chances of the safety of everyone.

Limit your driving during rain and fog

Alongside restlessness and fatigue, weather conditions play a huge role in road accidents. About one-third of the accidents happen in bad weather (on rainy days). Rain or fog makes it difficult to drive and hence, makes you more vulnerable to a road accident. Although it becomes inevitable to avoid going outside on a bad weather day, try to limit your driving during fog or rain to avoid any possible chance of an accident.

Don’t use a cell phone while driving

Using a mobile phone is the leading cause of road traffic accidents worldwide. According to a report by NSC (National Safety Council), mobile phone usage during driving causes about 1.6 million car crashes and more than 390,000 injuries worldwide. It means that almost 25% of road accidents involve the improper use of a mobile phone in one way or another.

When you use the phone, your attention gets immediately diverted between the phone and the road, making your senses less attentive to the current road situation and leading to a high chance of an accident. Using the phone in an extreme emergency, receiving or making calls via Bluetooth, or using the phone after parking the car are some of the ways that can lead you to a safe road trip.

Don’t make unnecessary lane changes

When you are on a road, you have to make turns and change your lanes but when drivers don’t make safe lane changes, it often becomes the cause of a road accident, for safe driving on road and especially highways, use your left and right turn signals and always check your blind spots before proceeding to change of lane.

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