Still Using Online Exchanges for Bitcoin Transactions? Read On To Discover a Better Option

Although the first Bitcoin ATMs began surfacing around a decade back, it is only recently that the number of these machines has multiplied like never before. With people all over the world swarming to invest in this cryptocurrency, there naturally arose the need for easier yet reliable means to help people conduct transactions. Bitcoin ATM offer people the best of convenience and security to withdraw or deposit Bitcoins.   

The scene is not too different in Jacksonville, Florida where it is now commonplace to come across crypto ATM machines in convenience stores or gas stations. With the Bitcoin industry predicted to witness incredible growth across the next few years, the number of ATMs expect to grow in sync not just in Florida but all over the US.

Disadvantages of using online exchanges

Until Bitcoin ATM in Jacksonville, Florida became a reality, people were limited to the option of depending on online exchanges to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. This option, however, came with its share of drawbacks. 

Users had to link details of their bank account with their Bitcoin account in order to perform transactions on online exchanges. In other words, you had to provide these exchanges access to your personal financial information. Needless to say, users were not happy about having to compromise on their financial privacy. 

The delayed response was another issue with online exchanges. It sometimes took days or even weeks for these exchanges to verify your identity or confirm a transaction. The busier exchanges took up to 5-7 business days to complete a transaction and release coins to the users. The advent of Bitcoin ATM in Jacksonville, Florida effectively put an end to all these issues by facilitating quick and hassle-free transactions. 

Here’s why Bitcoin ATMs work better

Now here is a look into the numerous advantages of using Bitcoin ATMs near me for your cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Bank details are not necessary: To buy or sell Bitcoins through ATMs, you do not have to enter your bank account details. In fact, all you need to buy Bitcoins is your smartphone, a photo ID, and adequate cash.
  • Amazingly fast transactions: Whether you need to buy or sell Bitcoins, a crypto ATM in Florida can help you accomplish your intention within minutes. 
  • Easy to use: If you know how to use a regular ATM, you will have no issues using a Bitcoin machine near me. Even if you are not tech-savvy or do not possess in-depth knowledge about blockchain technology, you can still simply walk in and buy or sell cryptocurrencies in minutes.  
  • Reliable and secure: Since every transaction happens between the user and the machine, without the interference of a third party, it is virtually more secure than online exchanges.

If you are yet to experience the benefits of using a Bitcoin ATM for your transactions, simply run an online search for a “Bitcoin ATM near meand get started today. You are sure to appreciate the ease, speed, and flexibility.

For more information about locating BTC ATMs in Jacksonville, Florida, and using these ATMs to conduct quick and secure transactions.

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