The Long-Awaited Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT Collections Are Up For Grabs! Give It A Go!

Hola, NFT buffs! In this NFT era that we are dwelling on, you can turn anything out into digital assets or Non-Fungible Tokens. Do you remember the childhood days when we all used to collect things like labels, tattoos, posters, etc., featuring comics? And now that you can relive those days by collecting comic-related collectibles. Yes, comic-related collectibles like Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT in the form of NFTs have a sheer value pinned behind them. 

Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible is an eminent comic that was released as an animated movie as well as a comic show. Stan Lee is known for his deep roots in writing comics, and some of his stupendous works include Chakra, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Avengers, etc. There is something big happening for Chakra fanatics! Yes, Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT collections are already open up for auction, and you can try your luck just now!

The Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT Loot Box Emptied Under The Blink Of An Eye!

One of the highlighting collections in the Chakra NFTs is the loot box. The loot box had 6865 artpunks, and each one of them flaunts their unique traits, thereby making the collectibles highly rare.

The sales for the loot box happened on 27th December at 11.30 pm EST. Not exaggerating, but the fact is the moment the loot box was unboxed, all the 6865 artpunks were sold out in less than 2 minutes, which showed the eagerness among buyers.

If you are reading this and feeling sorry for not being able to grab the artpunks in the loot box, then worry not. Yes, you still have chances to try your luck in the Jumbo Juke Box and the sales for this start on December 28 at 11.30 am EST.

The Jumbo Juke box contains a total of 5400 collectibles featuring comic book covers of Chakra in different levels of rarity. You can put your hands on the Juke box by paying $25 for each collectible.

Don’t Miss Out On A Chance To Unlock The Treasure Box As Well!

The whole collection of Chakra NFTs is exciting in one way or the other. Similar to how the loot box and the Jumbo Juke box pumped you up, the Treasure box will also stun you if you get to know more deets about it.

The Treasure box is a privilege for Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT buyers, who manage to buy 5 or more number of NFTs from the collection (can be of any type – artpunks, book cover, seven Chakra powers, etc.).

I guess you are eager to know the date of unveiling the treasure box. It is on 1 January 2022 when the entire auctions for Chakra NFT collections will come to a close; the unboxing of the Treasure box will happen.

Stan Lee’s Chakra NFT – Highlighting Collectibles From The Collection


  • Chakra Artpunks

A set of 15 smart contract-generated artpunks are also one of the compositions of the Chakra NFT collection. These artpunks are highly appealing and you can take a gander at the excerpts by visiting the official website. The auction has already been started and the time left for purchasing the artpunks is less than 2 days.

  • Seven Chakra Powers

As said almost all of the collectibles in the Chakra NFT collection are super fascinating and the seven Chakra powers are topping the list. The auction is live for the animated versions of Chakra powers consisting of seven numbers.

  • Animated Living Comic Book Cover

How about you purchasing the animated living comic book cover featuring the Indian superhero Chakra? Hey, this is a very limited edition comprising just 2 book covers. Since the auction has come live you can immediately start placing the bids for these book covers.

  • A Special Edition For Honoring Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the god of comics since he has spirited life to multiple superhero characters. This is also a limited edition comprising only one NFT Tech. Prepare yourself for grabbing this edition in a lightning-fast manner as the auction is about to begin in under 6 hours.

Wrapping Up

If not the Loot box, you have got the Jumbo juke box by your side. And also the auctions for other collections are also happening. The countdown is already on, and you can turn this chance into favor. Why wait? Head swiftly to snatch Chakra NFTs! Good luck!

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