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Mobigarage Refurbished mobile Phone ecommerce site

Mobigarage Refurbished mobile Phone ecommerce site

The brand new iPhone 13 series from Apple is packed with features. The iPhone 13 series offers the best performance in class and improved video recording and quicker software updates as well as other options. If you’re still deciding whether you should switch to Android for iOS to iOS or not continue reading this post from Mobigarage to find the five top reasons to do it.

Data Protection

iPhones are, without doubt, safer over Android phones, as per security companies that protect data. They believe that Android phones are the targets of most smartphone malware, which is 97 percent.

Malware and viruses are the most often discovered malware and viruses are most often found in Android apps. Apple’s App Store is less populated with apps than the stores available for Android phones, however the quantity of apps available is not the main aspect in the apps stores. With great attention to detail, Apple selects which app developers can access the known as Apple ecosystem, which is a collection of apps, devices and developers. Apps with malware are virtually impossible to be added to App Store. App Store.

Google Play, on the contrary is an ad-supported, free domain that allows anyone to create apps. Since Android users are able to install applications from other places that those on the Google Play Store, it’s difficult to know whether or not apps are infected with malware or viruses.

Longer Software Updates

Apple is, in contrast to the Android OEMs, does not make use of third-party processor vendors. Most Android companies use the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor line. They depend upon Qualcomm for making the required adjustments to their own systems to allow the update to work.

Apple’s A-series-branded chipset is the one that powers iPhones. Vertical integration of hardware and software allows for updates to software for over five years due to this vertical integration. This means that your shiny brand new iPhone 13 will continue to receive updates until 2026.


The ease of use of iPhones is very well-known. The ease of use in their system stems due to the fact that the majority of applications can be launched directly via their home screens. All options, for instance available through one menu. The operating system remains unchanged and easy to use even when it is upgraded on your iPhone to a newer version.

Although the Android phone is able to be modified in many ways however, the basic capabilities are much more complex and confusing than those of the iOS system. If you are looking for a user-friendly and reliable smartphone for your basic tasks, then the iPhone is the best choice.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment service offered by Apple which allows you to make use of your mobile phone to perform debit and credit card transactions. It works the same way as payment using a credit card can be done, and that is done by placing your phone close to the reader. The Face ID or Touch ID and the phones passcode safeguard the card, making sure that your information regarding payment is secure.

Apple Pay can also be used to purchase items using apps, which makes it easy to purchase clothes, reserve rooms in hotels or make orders for food. Since Google Pay isn’t currently accessible in a lot of countries, those seeking a fast and simple mobile payment solution might want to consider the iPhone.

High Resale Value

It is common for people to desire for their smartphones to be upgraded to the latest models due to the fact that new smartphones with appealing features are introduced frequently. If consumers decide to stop using their phone and buy new ones they’d like the best value for their older phone.

The selling value of iPhones is considerably more than Android smartphones. The premium materials utilized in iPhones help to increase their longevity and resale value. Since there’s only one Refurbished Mobile Phone, and the phones aren’t launched as frequently in the same way as Android smartphones, Apple phones stay flagship models that are up-to-date and reliable for a longer period of time.

Mobigarage A firm that purchases and markets used iPhones is the ideal location to sell these devices.

Take a look at the list above and pick one of the options above and choose an iPhone rather than one of the Android devices. While you’re there let us know why you picked an iPhone initially

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