How can I download the latest version of Yahoo Mail?

latest version of Yahoo Mail

The main motive of designing the Yahoo mail app is to provide an additional hand to keep the inbox organized. Apart from the web app, Yahoo provides a mobile app that allows managing small business email account. Whether the business works with Android, iOS, or Windows phone, Yahoo allows to check the inbox and send emails. To organize the inbox while you are away from the office, the excellent features of Yahoo will do so.

You can download the latest version of Yahoo Mail and downloading it doesn’t need to connect your phone to PC. When the installation is successful, Yahoo Mail App only requires starting Yahoo sign-in info or details.

Quick Ways to Download Yahoo on Android Device

The procedure to download this email service of Android device is very simple and for that, you have to-

  • First of all, open the Android Market and go to the Home Screen on the device
  • There you have to go to the “Search” icon and enter Yahoo Mail and tap the Enter key
  • After that, choose the Yahoo Mail app in the search result

Tap on the option “Download” for the new Yahoo mail version to the device. When the downloading procedure is all set then, you will see it on the home screen

Steps to Download Yahoo Mail on iOS Device

You can download the Yahoo app on the iOS device and do so, you have to-

  • Open the iOS home screen and then tap on the App Store icon
  • Tap on the “Search” icon and enter “Yahoo Mail” in the search field and tap on “Search
  • Choose “Yahoo mail” in the search result list

Tap on the “Free” option that appears in the Yahoo Mailbox and tap on “Install” for installing it on the app. When you download the latest version of Yahoo Mail then, you can access it from the home screen of the iOS device.

Ways to Download Yahoo on Windows Phone

  • First of all, open the Start Screen on the phone and tap on “Marketplace”
  • Go to the “Apps” appear in the list of options
  • After that, tap on the “Search” icon and enter the “Yahoo Mail” in the required domain
  • Tap on “Search” and tap on “Yahoo Mail” in the results list
  • Go to “Install” for installing a new version of the Yahoo mail app to the phone

By following these steps, you easily can download this email service on your Windows phone. You will need to make sure if you have a good internet connection. There are a lots of third-party apps that promise to provide a reliable app for the same, but always use authorized official site.

When you are all set with the installation, then tap on the icon and follow the prompts to start using this app.

Things you will get to download Yahoo Mail Version

Stay up-to-date with the emails from friends, colleagues, and other organizations. This email service allows you to organize the inbox as per your preferences

All of the latest mail will come in the inbox and this Mail is efficient and quick. It also can update automatically in the background so download the latest version of Yahoo Mail. If you find yourself updating the mailbox manually then, do it now. It can find for new email and appear on the device window. It doesn’t consume space on the CPU so there is nothing to worry about slow device performance.

Files attachment to the emails is simple without waiting for them to upload it. The app is fast and allows you to add photos, documents, and videos to the emails before sending them. Send a message with the professional touch by inserting a signature in Email. These well-designed options and layout will allow you to find and use them easily.

Wrap Up-

The app might be not famous because of the shortage of in-app options. If you want to see a full-size image, leave the app to use for the photo viewer. You can contact Yahoo for the same help to customize interface look. This is not an efficient way to look at photos when you are busy. There are also a few options of email filtration which have attachments. It doesn’t affect the program works but can be annoying if you have to look for a hectic inbox for attachments.

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