How to sort out Norton’s antivirus issue on Windows 10?

Norton is a top security application and known for its power scan. This software provides lots of advanced tools to keep the system fully secured from all threats. But while using Norton antivirus, the user often gets an issue. Norton antivirus mainly gets errors when some of the files face some errors.

Common reasons behind Norton antivirus issues:

  1. You have installed an incompatible Norton setup
  2. Norton registry files are not working
  3. Another security program is interrupting your Norton antivirus
  4. Norton antivirus setup is not updated
  5. Invalid changes on the security settings page
  6. Norton program files are not working

Troubleshooting Norton antivirus issues:

Check Norton antivirus requirements

If your Norton setup is not opening after installation then check the resource requirements. Your Norton antivirus won’t run when it is not compatible with the device. Open the Norton website and check the resource requirements of your plan. Now check all the specifications of your system. If the antivirus is not compatible then remove it from your device. Now search for a Norton plan for the system. Install the setup and now use Norton tools on the device. While transferring the Norton license, check the interface of both devices. The user can transfer the Norton license to the same interface only. 

Update the Norton setup

When you are getting issues in running any Norton tool; check the update. Norton services will start lagging when the setup gets outdated. The user must keep his security app updated. Without the update, your Norton program can’t work properly. If the Norton program is not updating automatically, check the live update. If Norton live update failed then try to run the update manually. The live update tool of Norton installs the new update for the setup automatically. The live update may fail due to internet issues. Connect the device to a stable internet connection and now try to update the Norton antivirus.

Undo your recent changes

Many users get Norton errors after making some changes on the device. Sometimes, the user makes any invalid change on the security tab which restricts the Norton antivirus. To fix the error, the user has to undo the invalid changes on the computer. Reopen the security tab on your device and now undo all your recent changes. Now click on the Norton antivirus and check the error. But many users often forget the changes they have made. To undo the changes, you can use the Windows restoring tool. Use this tool when you have the correct point otherwise the system may get other errors. After running this tool, the user can run the Norton antivirus reliably on his system. 

Repair Norton antivirus registry files

Norton antivirus shows errors while opening if the registry files are missing or corrupted. The user has to repair the files for running the antivirus. But you can’t fix the files without technical knowledge. If you are editing the files manually, always create the backup of registry keys. Run the Regedit tool for opening your registry editor. After creating the backup, go to the corrupted Norton registry files and then repair them. After repairing, Norton tools will work reliably on the system.

Check the free disk space

If your Norton scan is not working, check for free space on the system. Every application and system software needs free hard-disk space to run. When the free space is low, only system software will run. To run your Norton antivirus and other applications; you have to increase the free hard disk space. For this, you can delete large files such as movies, videos, etc. If the system is still lagging the space then check for unnecessary apps on the system. You can remove all third-party applications to increase the free hard disk space. After uninstalling, don’t forget to remove all the related files from the computer. Now restart the computer and you can see good free disk space. Open Norton antivirus and run the scan reliably.

Remove the conflicting application

Few users get Norton error messages while running a certain program. Norton shows the error when you have installed a conflicting application on the system. This error mostly occurs with another security program. Uninstall other security apps and old Norton setup from the device. Sometimes, Norton can also conflict with third-party applications. These apps carry malware like spyware and Trojans. Norton inspects the malware and starts conflicting. Uninstall the third-party application and run a full scan using Norton antivirus.

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