How To Properly Maintain Electric Vehicles

Technology is coming up with innovations that are getting better and better through time. For the past decade, the field of transportation has been shaped greatly. Electronic vehicles have grown popularity and are continuously rising through time. From electric scooters to eclectic cars, transportation has become more environtmentally now than ever. 

Since electronic vehicles are relatively new to the game, you might find yourself unaware of how to properly maintain them – yet alone use them. The thing is, electric vehicles are relatively easier and cheaper to maintain that your regular motor vehicles. This makes electric vehicles a better option and investment to make. And so, it adds points to their accessibility. In turn, they become more sellable in the market.

So, how do you actually do it? Here are some ways to maintain your eclectic vehicle:

For Batteries

A good rule of thumb to avoid wearing down the battery prematurely? Aim to charge the car’s battery to only about 80%. Also, make it a point not to leave your car with little — or even no — charge for an extended period. Just as with overcharging, this can negatively impact the battery’s health. For best results, don’t leave your car with a small amount of charge for more than two weeks at a time.

The batteries in electric-drive vehicles are generally designed to last for the expected lifetime of the vehicle. Like the engines in conventional vehicles, the advanced batteries in plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) are designed for extended life but will wear out eventually.

For Cooling Your Electric Vehicles

In order to keep key electrical components from overheating, most EVs use coolant or refrigerant to cool the likes of the charger, inverter, and battery pack. Maintaining the cooling system’s efficiency, however, may require infrequent coolant flushes. It might also need refrigerant recharges. Consult your owner’s manual to determine the recommended interval for completing this service for your specific electric vehicle.

For Brakes 

You likely know that electric vehicles use what’s known as regenerative braking. Regenerative braking helps you to keep your brake pads in good working order for as long as is possible. In some cases, you may have to replace them up to two times less frequently than on a traditional vehicle.

When you brake in your electric car, the kinetic energy is converted into electricity that helps you to power your vehicle. The process is certainly impressive. However, it doesn’t mean you can avoid servicing your brakes altogether. 

Whenever possible, try to avoid driving at high speeds. Conserving speed will ensure that your battery lasts for longer, and of course, also prevents you from needing to slam on the brakes.

For Tires of Electric Vehicles

As on cars with fuel-fed engines, electric vehicles require a tire rotation every 5,000-10,000 miles. Here again, follow the manufacturer-recommendation. This is a must, especially for vehicles using directional rubber or staggered front/rear tire sizes. And, to be clear, electric cars’ tires also wear out, just like those on your regular gas-fed ride.

Key Takeaway

Electric vehicles are promising additions in the transportation system. They provide a swift way to travel given that they are cheap and easier to maintain. For people who might struggle paying a regular car, opting for common electric vehicles such as electric scooter and bikes is a good option. The only thing that might be unfamiliar for you is the maintenance aspect of having them.

Although many of us are used to the routine maintenance involved with a regular car, an EV (electric vehicle) is in many ways much simpler to keep in good condition. The benefits of regenerative braking, fewer moving parts and less fluids than a traditional vehicle mean that a green car generally comes with a much lower maintenance burden.

While both types of cars require regular maintenance by the owner, electric cars are typically simpler, less demanding and generally more convenient to maintain. This is a huge development from the regular cars and vehicles.

Electric vehicles are proven to be a great choice to make transportation more comfortable for many people. The fact that they are easy to maintain also proves that you enjoy them with longevity. This way, you can enjoy traveling without the stress in terms of stress and affordability.

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