How to make a Food Box from Cardboard

When you have a business of food items, you should develop trendy and classier food boxes. You should know about the methods to manufacture them. There are different steps to manufacture them. You should understand each step and its significance. Following is a detailed mechanism to make these boxes from cardboard.

Choose the cardboard food boxes

You can have many choices, such as the side of a cereal box can help you make a small box for common use at home. You can use corrugated cardboard for sturdier projects. They will be durable boxes. Larger and decorative boxes can be made from cardstock or scrapbooking paper. You can also get sheets of cardboard and cut them to fit the size of your box. In the first step, you should choose the cardboard for manufacturing these boxes.

Decorate if you need

Decoration of boxes is important because it helps to grasp the attention of customers. If you have to decorate your Food and Beverage boxes, you must start it before cutting and folding. It is easy to do this before cutting. One of the easy ways is the use of wrapping paper. You should glue this on all sides of the box with strong glue. Then, fold the edges of the wrapping paper.

Draw a line closer to the edge of the sheet

You must draw a line closer to the edge of the cardboard sheet. It will form a small “glue flap.” You can later fold it and glue it down to keep the four sides together. You should keep this glue flap as wide as 2 inches for a large box. For smaller boxes, you should consider the width of the glue flap accordingly.

Create four sections from the remaining length

After drawing the glue flap, you should get a ruler to measure the length of the cardboard sheet ignoring the glue flap. You should make use of this ruler to divide your cardboard sheet into four equal sections. This is the way to create four sides of the box. This is the case for square boxes, and in the case of rectangular boxes, you should produce two sides of equal length and the other two sides of different lengths. For other shapes, you can divide the sheet accordingly.

Score the lines while using thicker cardboard

When you are using thicker cardboard, you should score the lines. The lines that you have drawn in the previous step should be scored with a ruler. You may press them to make them easier to fold. When you have an extra thick material such as corrugated cardboard, you should use a utility knife for scoring and cutting. For medium-weight materials such as poster board, you may use an empty ball pen or a bone folder.


After scoring, you should fold the sides inward from both ends. It will lead to the formation of a stack. You should unfold it afterward to produce creases. These creases make folding easier. This is an important step because it has to produce four flaps of the Food Packaging box.

Cut each flap and Fold Four Sides

When you have produced creases of different flaps, then comes the cutting step. Be very careful while cutting the cardboard sheet. Any carelessness may spoil the whole work. You should cut along the vertical sidelines until you hit the horizontal sidelines. This method should help you get four flaps along the top and four flaps along the bottom. In the case of thicker cardboard, you should crease and score before cutting. After that, you should bend the four sides to make a frame of the box. After this step, you should fold the narrow glue flap over the edge of the side and tape or glue it.

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Fold The Base of The Box

When you have created a frame of the box, you should tuck the flaps on one side together. In this way, each flap will overlap the flap next to it. You can reinforce this base by using tape. For lightweight items, you can just close the flaps near to each other without trying to tuck them into place. You can make the box sturdier and stronger by reinforcement with tape or glue. In this way, food subscription boxes can be made.

When you have to manufacture food boxes for your small business, you may follow these steps. You may also find a tutorial on YouTube. The steps remain the same, but there may be a small difference for different shapes of boxes. You can read this article and follow all the steps to make a high-quality box from cardboard.

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