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Five Characteristics You Should Consider In A Realtor

Real estate is all about selling. Although salespeople sometimes get a bad reputation in stereotypes, many occupations rely upon good sales skills to do their jobs. Realtors are no exception. The final factor that will determine whether a property sells is how well the realtor markets it. According to the experts, the industry is experiencing a steady recovery in the housing market. Home values will also rise slightly.  Do interview several realtors to ensure that you are hiring a competent agent. It is a major decision to put your homes for sale in Lafayette Square for sale with a realtor. You want to protect your home investment. It is most likely the largest in your family’s wealth. Your home listing will be more visible if you interview potential reality agents. Interviewing multiple potential realtors will help you gain valuable exposure. The majority of homes are sold by an agent other than the listing agent.

A good home listing agent is not just about the glamour and hype of real estate. He or she also has to be able to implement effective marketing strategies. A realtor who is friendly, organized, and well-spoken is essential if you want to sell homes in the area. If your property is located in a difficult-to-sell area, you should also hire a local realtor to have first-hand knowledge.

Homeowners want to find a realtor who will market their homes. Many other characteristics can help homes sell. The combination of all these factors will determine whether your home sells quickly or stays on the market.

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These are the top five qualities you look for in a realtor:


Sometimes, a mentor is a veteran realtor. In this instance, you will need to do exercise good judgment. Experienced reality agent can help you to sell your house.


Don’t be afraid to ask prospective Realtors for their license numbers and certifications.


You will want to hire a realtor that you feel is a good communicator and will be available regularly. These are the minimum things you should expect:

Professional signage with a mobile phone number

  • Lockbox with daily monitoring
  • Four-color brochures
  • Weekly advertising in newspapers & major papers, & distribution to major sites
  • No more than 2 open houses
  • Stage advice
  • Virtual tour
  • News updates on the neighborhood, trends, and most recent sales
  • Broker previews
  • Weekly reporting to seller

Honesty is a virtue

Trust your gut when it comes time to sell your home. Referrals from satisfied clients will be the best way to get your business. An honest agent is likely to have most of their business. Ask friends and family for referrals or ask for references from the potential agent. A successful realtor will go above and beyond to ensure that the client’s satisfaction is their top priority when listing their home. A trustworthy agent will also be willing to stand behind their work and not just the sale price but for their performance as an agent. You can also put your homes for sale in south Los Angeles.

Negotiating and networking

You want to work with an agent that is well-respected for their negotiation skills, not an agent who sells your house quickly at the expense of the seller’s best interests. A successful agent is well-connected in the community and well-known. It is not always the best agent to advertise. Don’t let big advertising budgets fool you. Ask for information about home sales and original listing prices.

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