What is the weight of boxing gloves?

boxing gloves

In general, boxing glove weights are established in ounces, an Anglo-Saxon unit of measure little used in Europe. Knowing that 1 oz equals 28 grams. you will have a more approximate idea of ​​the different sizes of gloves that boxing has.

For the most part, the weights of boxing gloves range between 4 and 18 ounces, although there are some models that go up to 20 ounces, their uses are much more limited. The intervals of the different size ranges go from 2 to 2, that is, there are no odd weights.

Glove ounces based on boxer’s weight

In this table, you can see the relationship of weights, between the measurements of the boxing glove in ounces and grams with the kilograms of the fighters. We remind you that gender does not influence the measurements of the gloves. It is the same for all boxers:

What is the recommended weight for your boxing level?

The most common when choosing one glove size or another is, apart from weight, the skills you have acquired. This small table will help you specify your particular case:

Do not forget that these ranges are indicative, so each person must adapt them to their personal situation and physical conditions. In addition, for official competitions, the value of the weight of the gloves is 8 oz for weights between 47 and 71 kg and 10 oz for higher weights.

It is also important to remember that each tournament may have its own rules, so they must always be approved according to the regulations of the competition. In addition, in the amateur categories, the color of the gloves must be different in the central zone and the hitting zone.

What size of boxing gloves is suitable for children?

Getting started in boxing from a young age is a great incentive to learn to control impulses, but it is also necessary that you know what glove your child requires according to age:

Child’s age Glove size (oz) Glove Weight (grams)
Four. Five 4 115
6 – 9 6 170
10 – 13 8 225
14 – 16 10 280

From the age of 16, they can use any of the heavier gloves, although that will depend on the particular development of each of the children.

How to choose the weight of boxing gloves when buying?

Having gloves with a larger weight will not help you hit with greater precision, just as training with a small size will not allow you to train speed more efficiently. But then what is the best for me?

As we have already mentioned, depending on your level and above all, the purpose or ability to improve, some gloves will adapt better to others. We leave you with a list in which you can finish solving all your doubts in this regard:

  • If you want to improve the power and resistance of your punches, the ideal is to practice with boxing gloves of heavyweight (16 – 18 oz, even more). In this way, your muscles will be forced to work harder to move more weight.
  • To improve speed, intermediate weight models (14-16 oz) are usually a good choice. When you compete you will notice a big difference.
  • For better precision, the ideal is the smaller gloves (the 8 and 10 oz) that in turn will also allow you to train as if you were in a real fight.

Frequently asked questions about boxing glove sizes

Due to the overwhelming possibility of options and possible combinations, it is normal for you to feel confused, do not worry. We have compiled some of the most common questions and answered the doubts in a concise way:

🥊 How to know the size of boxing gloves?

It is common to confuse the measure with which boxing gloves are classified, but you must remember that they have no size, they are organized according to weight, expressed in ounces (oz). Now, if you don’t know which ones are the most suitable for you, take a look at this table of weights you will have the solution.

🥊 What are the ounces in boxing gloves?

It is a measure used to classify boxing gloves into different categories. It is a unit of measurement of the Anglo-Saxon system little used in Europe. The equivalent of 1 oz is 28 grams.

🥊 Is there a suitable glove for everything?

The harsh reality is that no because each peso is designed to improve some skill or has a specific purpose. Still, if you are just starting out and don’t want to spend a lot of money on having 3 pairs of boxing gloves, the ideal is to opt for some intermediate model, the 14 oz ones are usually a great buy.

🥊 What if my glove doesn’t fit?

In this case, you should never use it, since it can cause injuries to both your hand and wrist. It is quite common that it does not fit enough and this is where the different brands come into play, with more or less tight closures or with more interior space than others. So do not despair, you may have to try a few manufacturers before you have the final model.

🥊 How many ounces should my glove be to spar?

When training in this field, it is normal to opt for heavy models, between 16 and 18 oz, since its interior filling is greater and allows us to better protect all parts of our hand and thus avoid unnecessary injuries.

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