Best NAS from Synology 2022

Synology is the most trusted and widely used brand in the networking world. They are undisputed in coming up with one of the finest and cutting-edge Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices which caters to all of your networking needs.  

What is a NAS device? 

A NAS device is a form of storage linked to a network that enables authorized network users and various clients to store and retrieve data from a central location. Because NAS devices are adaptable and scale out, you may increase their capacity as you need more storage. NAS is comparable to having a private cloud at work. It offers all the advantages of a public cloud on-site, is quicker, less expensive, and gives you total control. 

With a NAS, data is always available, facilitating employee collaboration, quick customer response, and swift follow-up on transactions or other matters since all of the information is in one location. Since NAS functions similarly to a private cloud, employees can work from wherever they are at any time by using a network connection to access data remotely.  

Best Synology NAS in 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the top Synology NAS enclosures so you don’t have to second-guess your purchase and to help you avoid confusion.

Synology DiskStation DS3018XS 

For small and medium organizations, Synology DiskStation DS3018XS offers a dependable and potent network-attached storage solution. The storage can be enhanced by using an optional M.2 SSD adapter card for dual SSDs as a cache, making it the perfect solution for streamlining data administration and organizing the deployment of virtualization. The 5-year limited guarantee from Synology is offered with the DS3018XS. 

A brand-new 6-bay network attached storage option with great performance and flexibility is what the Synology DS3018XS brings to the table. In a 10GbE environment, it can be configured with an optional 10GbE network card to give over 2,231 MB/s sequential reading and 265,000 sequential read IOPS1. The DS3018XS is supported by 8GB of RAM that can be expanded to 32GB and a dual-core 2.2 GHz processor with a boost clock of 2.6 GHz. 

Synology DiskStation DS1019+X5TB

In the modern world where the workplace is rapidly transforming, storage technologies are also evolving. It offers some of the best network-attached storage, IP monitoring, and hardware for networking needs that revolutionizes the way current network systems work. It strives to assist consumers in centralizing data storage, sharing files without hassle, implementing expert surveillance solutions, and managing systems in a more stable and economical manner by deploying cutting-edge technology. Delivering solutions with top-of-the-line functionality and industry-leading customer support is a priority for Synology. 

It’s difficult to locate a NAS server that offers exceptional speed, scalability, and applicability at the same time for professional home or small business customers. All of your worries are alleviated by the DS1019+X5TB’s small chassis design. Moreover, a quad-core processor, 8GB of memory, and two M.2 NVMe SSD slots are all included in the DS1019+X5TB, which enables you to build an SSD cache without taking up any drive trays. It’s an excellent choice for multimedia applications and perfectly suited for super HD video streaming across all of your platform’s thanks to its dual-channel 4K video processing capability and expandable storage design. 

Synology DiskStation DS1618+X48TBSTX 

The 6-bay Synology DiskStation DS1618+X48TBSTX NAS, which comes with a quad-core processor and is adaptable, small, and powerful, is intended for small- and medium-sized organizations. It has cutting-edge software to satisfy corporate needs and boosts capacity with an optional M.2 SSD adaptor card for two SSD cache drives. As a centrally located file server, the DS1618+X48TBSTX excels at streamlining data management and safeguarding important resources. The 3-year limited warranty for the Synology DS1618+X48TBSTX is provided by Synology. 

The 6-bay Synology DS1618+ network attached storage system offers excellent performance and scalability. With two Synology DX5173 expansion modules, the DS1618+X48TBSTX supports up to 16 discs, enabling you to start small and easily build up as needed. The PCle slot also enables the additional SATA M.2 SSD adapter to act as SSD cache, significantly boosting storage performance without requiring the 3.5″ drive bays, in addition to the 10GbE add-on card, which can improve the network capacity of the DS1618+X48TBSTX. The DS1618+X48TBSTX has a quad-core processor and 4GB of DDR4 RAM that can be expanded to 32 GB. The DS1618+X48TBSTX offers exceptional consecutive system throughput of over 2,030 MB/s reading and 620 MB/s writing when Link Aggregation is enabled. 

Synology DiskStation DS1819+X48TBSTX 

Small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the superb performance and excellent adaptability of the 8-bay Synology DS1819+ NAS. The DS1819+X48TBSTX meets a range of business needs while securing users’ priceless digital assets thanks to its extensive data protection technologies and variety of built-in applications. The 3-year limited warranty for the DS1819+X48TBSTX is provided by Synology. 

A desktop network-connected storage device with 8 bays, the DS1819+X48TBSTX is ideal for expanding organizations due to its excellent performance and scalability. When you need more storage space, you can easily grow it up to 18 discs with two extension units DX5174. Additionally, you have access to the M.2 SSD adapter M2D183, which boosts random IOPS through SSD caching, and an optional 10Gb Ethernet adapter, which increases data transmission bandwidth to satisfy demanding task requirements.

Final Words

Choosing the best NAS for the office and the best NAS for the home from Synology is not a daunting task and with this article, you already know where to look and what to pick. You can choose a top-tier NAS enclosure from Synology that best meets your needs and available budget. The Synology DS220+, which provides a good mix between price and performance, would be our top pick if we had to suggest just one.

However, not everyone can spend this much money on a NAS, which is why the Synology DS220j is useful. If you’re new to NAS, this affordable enclosure is ideal because it will cheerfully store gigabytes of data for you. 

Even more powerful and expensive NAS devices are available from Synology, however, they are often extremely pricey and only affordable for a small subset of consumers. The suggestions made here are budget-friendly while still being able to meet a variety of consumer needs.

You should be aware that the software is the same regardless of which Synology NAS you choose, so you should really focus on the hardware when choosing. Depending on the storage pool you desire, NAS-specific hard drives may cost several hundred dollars on their own, so be sure to include these as well. 

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