How to disable AVG Annoying pop-up notifications?

AVG antivirus works flawlessly and efficiently for the device’s protection but what to do about its annoying notification. There is a possibility that one can disable the system tray notification that comes from the AVG Antivirus application. This is in case if you no longer want to see pop-up notifications on the screen. Notification means staying updated with almost all new features, alerts, risks, subscription, activation, and many more. sometimes people face problems like disable AVG annoying pop-up notifications

But such notifications are irritating as it interrupts you while you will be in working mode. You can disable AVG annoying pop-up notifications just by following a few tricks. As we already have discussed, AVG notification will notify you of the threat removal process, security risks, and many more. These notifications might get you distracted while you are using other applications.

Disable AVG annoying Pop-Up Notifications

Disable all of the system tray notifications of AVG system tray notification from the Appearance page. This page appears in the Advanced Settings of the program dialog. When disabled, you can still see important prompts by opening AVG and clicking on “Reports”.

Things You Cannot Disable 

Before moving ahead, note that the free AVG Version has some built-in advertisements, you cannot disable. When you open the AVG app and you will see a notification to install software such as “PC Tune-Up”. These advertisements are limited to the AVG Interface so; it is recommendable to check them when someone has to open AVG Control Panel. Avg Panel via you can control easily for your device

Disable AVG Notifications

The rest options of AVG appear in the AVG interface

To navigate it- Disable AVG Notifications some points

  • Either left-click on the AVG icon on the notification area or, right-click on it to “Open AVG”
  • The AVG icon might not appear in the up arrow to the left of the system tray icons
  • Click on the “Antivirus” icon that appears in the AVG Zen window to access AVG Antivirus settings
  • Go to the “Menu” option at the top-right corner of the AVG Antivirus Windows and choose “Settings”

AVG comes with constant pop-up notifications that include when it updates automatically to the virus definitions in the background

  • You can disable AVG pop-up notifications and activate the “Silent Mode” checkbox displayed on the General pane. Click on Ok
  • To customize the notifications appear, disable the Silent Mode checkbox and stretch the “Pop-ups” section
  • You can set different intervals for details, warning, update, and alert notifications

For instance, you might need to disable details and update pop-ups by setting them to “0” but leave a notification and enable the pop-ups alert

AVG commonly warn you if it detects an error while trying to update the virus definitions or software

  • If you don’t want to see these pop-ups, you can disable them. Click on the “Update” tab that appears at the left side of the Settings window
  • Uncheck “Show notification box if the error happens” under details

AVG will be still securing the PCs from malware and viruses, but you won’t have to keep with the browser notifications. Also, some of the notifications are not necessary.

Manage Pop-up Notifications for your Device

  • First of all, open AVG Antivirus and go to Menu and Settings
  • Choose General and Notifications
  • Mark the box that appears next to the “Use silent mode and turn off pop-ups, messages, and alerts”. Notifications will be successfully off
  • There might be some more notifications that prompt AVG products offer.

Stop Offers for Other Products

If you use AVG Internet Security to the device, you can stop seeing the offers for the AVG products, and for that-

AVG Internet Security:- Few Steps

  • Open AVG Antivirus and go to the Menu and Settings
  • Choose General and Personal Privacy
  • Now, unmark the box that appears next to Share app-usage data with the AVG

Offer for other AVG Products will be off and you can get connected with the experts for the same. Make sure to use a good internet connection and updated software to disable AVG annoying pop-up notifications. Such notification can provide details of the PC’s performance and possible threat removal. They can also prove to be important interruptions if there are so many prompts while working the day.


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