8 Myths About Studying in Italy

Studying in Italy

So, today we are here to talk about some of the myths about studying in Italy. Italy is a beautiful country both for studying and traveling. But there are some of the myths too which most of the students believe. Well, what I can tell you is that you should not believe these myths. As these myths are not at all true and they are all false. Here we will discuss 8 myths about studying in Italy.

Myths and Facts

These are the myths which are being told by the old people to the younger generation. And the younger generation thinks that all of this is true. But this is not true since the older people have been always listening to these things from their older generation. So, that is why they are also telling you the same thing so you shouldn’t believe them.

Instead, you should go for the facts.

So, this is what I am here for.

8 Myth About IELTS

I am here to tell you 8 myths about studying in Italy which are not true and then I am going to tell you the fact too.

Myths About Studying in Italy 

  1. The first myth about studying in Italy that, is the food there. It is believed that, if you study in Italy then you will always get pizza and pasta as the Italian food and you will not get any other food. Well, this is not true you can get other food items too to eat.
  2. Since Italy is considered to be a very beautiful country, it is also believed that the country is fashionable. And all the people always wear very fashionable clothes. So, you also have to wear that and go for that. Well, this is again a false fact and is not at all true because you can wear the clothes of your choice and those clothes in which you feel comfortable.
  3. It is believed that if you have seen Venice city there in Italy then you have seen everything. This is also not true as there is so much to explore. Not only Italy, you can also explore other places too.
  4. The other myth is that it is very difficult to explore the city. Well, this is not at all true because the transportation cost is affordable in Italy. And you can explore the city with very much ease.
  5. You have to speak the Italian language to get around. Well, this is also again or false fast as you can speak English. Also, if you don’t know the Italian language and it is not mandatory to learn the Italian language too.
  6. There is always sunny weather there. Again, a false fact, because sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s hot.
  7. It is also being said that people in Italy are always free. Well, this is again a false fact as everyone has their jobs to do and everyone has their work to do.
  8. The food is really expensive. This is a false fact because you can get some good food at an affordable price.


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