8 apps to make the best Instagram Stories


The latest updates to our beloved app show that stories became a fundamental bulwark when it came to generating engagement. From the headquarters in California, they report that 300 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily (20% receive a response and 70% are heard with sound).

And although the chronological order of the photos may be back soon, there are no certainties about what will happen to the stories that, at the moment. Are ordered according to the people we stalked the most.

UNFOLD Instagram

It allows putting frames, background images and texts with inside templates that simplify the matter. The best part? Many stories can be grouped together within a set, that is, it makes it easy for a full day of uploading stories to be harmoniously connected.

Specifications:  Requires IOS 10.0 or later. It weighs 23.6MB. It is in English. It’s free.

HUJI CAM Instagram

The vintage app par excellence. It is used exclusively for photos. It pretends to be a disposable camera and with each shot, its effect changes. The funny thing is that you can’t see the photo in full screen since it shows it in a minimal rectangle, identical to the disposable ones. You won’t know the final result until you open the reel -or gallery-, but it is usually perfect.

Specifications:  Requires IOS 9.0 or later. It weighs 25.8MB. It’s free. For Android there is the Fuji Cam option, which works in a similar way, requires Android 4.4 or later.

HYPE TYPE Instagram

Its function is to put moving texts on images and videos. It is intuitive. Of course, it has a wide variety of fonts, also input and output effects (remember having to make PowerPoint slides?) And optionally you can add music. It is ideal to present a product or service in a more playful way.

VUE Instagram

It is a video editor. It’s easy to use. It allows to implement cinema, square, vertical format. You can use previously made videos or make them from the app. It has a good assortment of free songs to use in the background and special sounds. Also with its own filters (the one that overlays the image in red and cyan is our favorite). Titles, phrases can be added and the result can be shared on all social networks, even VUE’s own.

Specifications:  Requires IOS 8.0 or Android 4.4. It weighs 95.3MB. It is in Spanish and English. It’s free.

KIRAKIRA +Instagram

We already know this one, right? Perhaps we still did not know his name, but for months we have seen celebrities shine excessively on their accounts and Keratin is responsible for it. Its function is to capture the light of all those reflective objects and add small sparkles on them. Effects can be applied to photos and videos already taken.

Specifications:  Requires I OS 8.0 or later. For Android there is a similar one called Android.

SNAP SEED Instagram

This must be by far the best editing app available for Android. Google bought it a while ago and it’s still free. Photographers are the ones who will get the most out of Snap seed, because it allows editing .RAW photos – in raw format -. But all mortals can use it to add frames, texts and modify lighting and color simply by sliding our finger across the screen.

Specifications:  Requires Android 4.4 or IOS 9.0. It weighs 136.3MB. This in Spanish. It is totally free.


Within the ABC of editing apps, VSCO should be A. Its filters are everywhere. But what is new is that now you can also edit videos. This option is only available for VSCO X, which requires the payment of an annual membership of USD19.90. But the most useful function of the application since its inception is to be able to copy the edition of an image to all the others in a jiffy. That gives the content aesthetic unity.

Specifications:  Requires Android 4.1 or IOS 9.0. It weighs 115MB. This in Spanish. Its initial download is free, and then filters can be purchased separately or subscribed to version X.


Glitches are super complete. It’s vintage, it’s futuristic, it can be used for photos, videos and it creates gifs. It has effects to invert colors, generate reliefs, simulate VHS or old cameras, decompose the image, mirror it in all possible ways, and make it watery. The possibilities are endless and the effects can be layered by tapping +.

Specifications:  Requires IOS 9.0 or later. An additional USD 8.97 is added. Similar for android: One Tap Glitch.

We find ourselves sliding to the left to find Instagram Stories that entertain us, show us behind the scenes and add a bit of noise to our   daily scroll, right? Well, now you can be the one who stars – very cool – all those Instagram stories.

But if what you are looking for is the recipe for success to reach thousands of people, we regret to say that filters and effects help, but they are not enough. Use Instagram like any other social network. Interact with whoever you like the most, take the opportunity to make contacts and have fun. Count your day, upload bloopers, try not to make the ‘imperfections’ disappear, because they are the ones that show us humans and  being natural  is the necessary basis today to create the best content.

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