5 Top ICT Tools for Education Used in Classroom

The use of technology has made our lives very easy. But for students, it has become a source of distraction. Almost all students have their accounts on social media. Students use cell phones in class, and it became very difficult for them to focus on the lecture. There are two ways to deal with the use of phones in the classroom. The first one is to ban the use of the phone during class. At the same time, the second one is to engage students with ICT tools for education. From these two strategies, the second one is more effective. In the case of a ban on phones, students will lose interest and wait for the lecture to end. It is still a distraction for the students.

The main aim is to avoid distraction. For this, the use of ICT tools for education is best. There are lots of online tools available for teachers as well as for students. The teachers can make use of ICT tools to make their class interactive and engaging. Similarly, they can ask the students to make submissions using ICT tools. In this article, I’ll list down the top five ICT tools for education that both students and teachers can use.


The clicker is one of the best tools used for assessments. This tool is useful for both students and teachers. Students can use it for personal assessment. Similarly, teachers can use it for the overall assessment of their class. If a student is interested in personal evaluation, clicker can help them for sure. Students can use it to check out if their answer is right or not. By doing so, it becomes easy to know if students have the right information or not. This way, students can adjust their work accordingly. The only problem with the clicker is that it is expensive to buy. But do not worry. If students cannot afford clicker, he can go for Plickers or iClicker. Both these tools are free of cost and offer the same functionality as Clickers.

Google Forms

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Google form is the best tool that is used in the classroom. It is the most convenient way to engage the students. It is the simplest ICT tool that both teachers and students can use. Here students can ask questions and quickly receive answers. In the hard form questionnaires, students feel shy as their identity can be revealed. But in Google Forms, there is no such concern. With an anonymous identity, everyone can share their honest opinions. The use of Google Forms is very helpful for psychology students. They have to collect responses on a large scale. Even this activity can be a part of their daily work. So Google Form improves their engagement as a modern ICT tool.


There is an ICT tool for education that helps in the streamlining of assignments. It is named a Trello. This ICT tool for education is free of cost. And it is very easy to use. With just one go, students can get to know that how to use it. They can create a daily list of tasks for themselves. Even teachers can create a classroom on Trello and assign tasks to their students using the Trello board. Trello has different tags that they can use to mark their tasks as completed, submitted, pending etc. It is one of the best ICT tools for education that teachers can use to get the attention of their students.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is another best ICT tool for education. The teachers can use it to take attendance of their class. And it can also help teachers to generate different performance graphs. On the other hand, students can use it in a fun way. They can generate their avatar by using Class Dojo. Also, it can help to evaluate students based on their behaviours. With good behaviour, they will gain points. More points show the efficient behaviour of the student.

In the same way, students will lose points for their bad behaviour. Education is not all about cramming books. But morals and ethics also matter a lot. So this ICT tool for education encourages students for good moral values and keep them engaged during the lecture.


Prezi also ranks in the top five ICT tools for education. In classroom assignments, students have to present their data very frequently. Teachers arrange presentation sessions on and off. Most of the students use PowerPoint for this purpose. But this new ICT tool “Prezi” is replacing PowerPoint. This ICT tool for education is more interesting for creation as well as for watching presentations. Another amazing thing related to the Prezi ICT tool is the publication of slides. Students can publish their work on their Prezi account and make it available for other students for their guidance and help.

All these tools are quite interactive and fun to use. If used properly, they can enhance teaching experience as well as improve teacher-students engagement within the classrooms. We can say that ICT tools for education are just a fun way to study.

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