7 Big Issues in Higher Education

Issues in Higher Education

Teaching others is now a profession, and it was a tradition in the past. Elder used to teach children about basic rules and economics the usage of bows and arrows. Nowadays parents are very concerned about their child’s education. But our education system is getting really strict. And it is exerting huge pressure on students. And they have lost interest in learning and them only trying to submit homework and assignments on time.

  1. Demotivation

There are so many issues that young school going to university going kids face. The sad reality is that no one understands their efforts and the toughness that they have to go through. Though it is true that hard work will pay off but sometimes it leaves the children demotivated. There have been several times where students would just give up on their assignments because they could not do them on time.

  1. Time management- the major issue

It is obvious that one of the issues that arise when there is a lot to do is time. Most children do not realize the time they have and this leaves them on a short time to complete their homework. This also causes them distress with no way out. Therefore it is important to have a good time limit and to make sure that you have enough time to fulfill your work. However, some kids do not.

  1. Understanding is the main element

Another issue is in the understanding. Some kids do not understand the lectures or the subject at all. This makes it harder for them to complete their homework. This also causes much stress because if they cannot understand what the whole homework is about then it is most likely they will not attempt it either.

  1. Not same education for all

Education is the key factor for every nation to rise. It is very important to spread knowledge. According to recent research, education plays an important role in a country’s development. Education refers to learning, implementing, teaching, etc.

  1. Fewer opportunities for women

Education makes people aware of what is right and what is wrong. education promotes women’s empowerment, which is a key factor for growth. All Education helps in promoting companionship and prevents poverty. Also, Education is the key factor to stop child labor. Education is the method of promoting knowledge and wisdom.

  1. Quality of education in institutions

Many campaigns around the world promote education for all genders. in many parts of the world even today, girls and women are unable to seek knowledge. They are not allowed to step out of the house and not even allowed to go to school. This is a huge problem and one of the reasons for the decline of a country’s development.

  1. No balance of skillful and theoretical education

Not even education they are not given the basic necessities of life. Lack of education is also one of the reasons for early child marriage. A famous poet had said men and women are like two wheels of a cycle if one is worn out, you can’t ride it. Women’s education is very important. Women empowerment is the key to being successful.

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