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5 Things You Should Know About Apartments For Rent In Qatar

Looking for apartments for rent in Qatar is a major preoccupation once you have decided to relocate. That is because you are to encounter a new real estate market, new real estate standards, new currency and according to living costs and you have to learn about the best rental places for foreigners.

In this article, we give you the main criteria you should consider while choosing an apartment for rent in Qatar.

Look for apartments for rent in Qatar in an expat-friendly neighborhood

This is the easiest step while looking for apartments for rent in Qatar, as foreigners are a vast population of this country. As an ex-pat, you are welcomed in Qatar, and you are even allowed to buy a property in freehold areas, these being the most friendlier areas for ex-pats.

In Qatar, the residential area inhabited mostly by foreigners is Lusail City, The Pearl, and West Bay ( including the West Lagoon), the last two being situated in Doha.

Apartments for rent in Qatar in family-friendly residencies

If you are single, you may choose any studio apartment for rent in Qatar, regardless of the area. They are spacious and very well endowed. As a fact, many of the studios within our offer are refined and reach the luxury level.

If you are to move with your family, you should look for an apartment to comfort your family needs:


  • An appropriate number of rooms
  • Nursery or gymnasium in the neighborhood
  • Playground within the residential area
  • Green areas
  • Shopping areas in proximity

Even if it seems quite a lot to request from an apartment and the area around it, it is not. Most residential areas are provided with facilities for children, such as indoor or outdoor playgrounds. As Doha and Lusail are expanding cities, nurseries and gymnasiums are easy to reach from most ex-pat areas.

Qatar is a new real estate market. What type of amenities to expect from your flat for rent

Qatar is a new real estate market, and the buildings were mainly developed bearing in plans the taste and comfort a foreigner would look for. Hence, most of the buildings are developed at international construction standards. The Arabian ornamental interchanging with standard, western buildings, even though architectural styles are mixed.

As your comfort is important, you should look for your apartment for rent in Qatar to minimum have:

  • Car parking (most of the residential apartments have secured car parking)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire alarm System
  • Fire fighting system

Also, you may look for the residential area to be provided with a pool, gym, garden, reception, porter, or other special amenities that add up to your comfort. Of course, this luxury comes at a good price.

When looking for apartments for rent in Qatar, do also analyze the living costs.

You are to live in a new country, and when you choose the apartment, our advice is to analyze your income versus the rental price of the flat and living costs in Qatar. The cheapest apartments for rent are in some areas of Doha or Lusail.

To simplify:

  • A studio apartment for rent outskirts Doha starts from 5500 QAR
  • A meal for two in medium restaurant costs around 180 QAR
  • A small bottle of water (33 cl) costs around 1 QAR
  • 1 kg of beef costs above 25 QAR

Extra, you have electrical energy and facility costs, some of them are detailing in one of our articles about properties for sale.

Analyze whether it is more appropriate to rent or to look for properties for sale in Qatar

When moving to Qatar, the period of stay is an important criterion to choose between renting or buying a property in Qatar.

As we have previously explained, if you have lived in Qatar for more than five years, it is more appropriate to consider looking for properties for sale in Qatar than renting flats.

If you consider moving to Qatar and looking for your future home to be, we are here to help you!

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